Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spare the Rod

So this post could possibly make people mad, but I guess that just comes with the territory.

We aren't really there yet luckily, but I know its something we need to figure out and soon. I mean yes, we try to distract Ethan from acting a fool, but he is too young to really get it, ya know. We say no, and he can tell something is up so he stops, but 5 minutes later he is right back to causing trouble.  

We just have to figure out how we want to discipline him when the time comes ( whenever that is, because that's also a really grey area) We talked about it before he was born, and thought we were on the same page, but yours truly is having second thoughts.

Tim and I both were spanked as kids. We grew up in the south, and not that it is an excuse, but I feel like its more tolerated in the south. Not often but enough that if our parents threatened us with it we instantly changed our behavior and had halos over our heads. I always remember that I would rather have my dad discipline instead of my mom, because my dad was more of the " promise you won't do it again, and we can skip it", to which I always promised ( who wouldn't?). My mom however was more of the " SHANNON NICOLE!, do you need a spanking"( who actually says yes to that?), but even she didn't do it often. 

My point is I don't know what I want to do. Do I even think I want to spank Ethan ( or other future children?) NO, but it is still an option, at least to my husband. So that's where we are, a casual conversation about discipline has turned into the great debate. Of course we agree that we would try other options first, Time out ( which tim thinks is a waste of time), taking away of toys, etc.

 But still, the big questions is

Spare the rod and spoil the child or not?


  1. I'm from the south so I may be the wrong person to get an answer for this. But, I don't see anything wrong with spanking a child if it is warranted. I got one spanking in my life but I always knew the threat was there if I didn't act like I was supposed to.

  2. I was spanked and while I'm not against spanking- I';m having second thoughts about it too. I thinkthat stems from the fact that right now they are watchiing everything we do so i feel like if I spank him (not now but later) then that will be teaching him it's okay to hit. I had a huge debate about this when I was in college and my professor said that spanking wasn't a form of discipline because "discipline' means to teach thereby you are teaching to hit. I'm just worried if I'm aggravated enough iw ill spank out of anger and that'

    BTW- we have the sdame middle name!!! Well mine is spelled differently but it's the same nonetheless.

  3. Exactly, how can I tell Ethan that hitting is wrong but then spank him, that's really where I am torn

  4. Yeah, I took a sociology class about family and marriage in college and we had a big debate and the point is that there are a lot of studies against spanking/striking your child whether in anger or in complete calm because it can cause aggression issues down the road. Zac says he is in favor of it but I already told him I refuse to spank our kids when we have them because I think there are so many better routes to take.,9171,1983895,00.html


So tell me what you really think.......

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