Tuesday, August 7, 2012

11 Months

Wow! 11 Months! Almost a year, this is crazy!
I feel like the last month has flown by and can't believe I will have a 1 year old in just a few weeks. Ethan has such a strong personality and I love watching him grow into his own fiesty, headstrong, lovable little person.

20lbs 3oz He is still on the small side, but I think that's because he is so active.

No idea, we will measure soon.

Clothing Size:
Proof that he is a shrimp, he's still able to fit into some of his 6-9 month clothes. Most of his 9-12 month stuff is still slightly baggy on him.
Size 3 huggies, but I think we are going to move to the size 4's soon.

( yes that is a freeze pop, he stole mine when I pulled out my phone. I guess its fitting since I live off those things when I was pregnant)

Whatever that food strike he was on last month has seemed to let up, we have had to change his schedule a lot and it takes longer to get him to eat, but at least he is eating. 3 meals a day all with solids and then a bottle after each meal. Then for bedtime we've switched him to about 2 hours of water. He pretty much eats whatever we eat ( with a few exceptions, like eggs) and is getting to the point that he hates to be fed, so he is doing a lot more finger foods.

Racing cars with daddy

Hair, Teeth, and Eyes 
Teeth- 6 teeth total, but I think he has at least one coming in right now on the bottom, he has all the normal signs according to the pediatrician- ear tugging, diarrhea, picky eating, difficulty sleeping. It got to the point we finally took him to get checked out because we were afraid he had another virus.

Hair- Slowly but surely I am able to give him a little faux hawk ( although it resembles more Alfala then a faux hawk). Still a blondish red

Eyes- They are the strangest shade of blue. Not a bright blue like mine, but more of a grey blue. 

Because of what we think is teething he is waking up once or twice a night, but goes right back to sleep after we lay him back down. Plus we've been able to get him to sleep in until around 8am a few times ( probably because we moved his bedtime back to 8pm)

Tim and I are really the only ones who understand him which is so funny! A lot of what he says sounds so similar you have to really pay attention to catch what it is ( except mama and dada which is obvious). We have no, phone ( which sounds like bone) book ( which sounds like bop), ball ( which sounds like ba) and we have ogg ( dog). If you watch what he is doing it makes it so much easier to tell that yes he does indeed know what he's saying when he says it.

Also he has started signing a little bit more. His favorite is probably " all done" because he constantly does it. Also he'll sign no, sleep and more


The park- he could sit and play for hours!
The dogs, especially Olivia- Olivia is the only one who gives him the time of day, Lucy still wants little do to with him. But he can crawl all over for Liv, tug on her, and give her kisses and she just sits there and lets him.
The ball pit- A family friend gave this to us and he is obsessed! He normally just sits on the outside and throws the balls around but he loves it
Books- All morning we hear BOP, BOP, while he sits and "reads" his "bops"

Being spoon fed. He definitely prefers feeding himself
Suddenly he isn't loving broccoli anymore

We have walking! Its not consistent but he will does it and seems to get better at it each day.
Dancing- Its so funny one day I was like "Ethan, Dance" and next thing you know he was bobbing away like his pants were on fire.


  1. He has changed and grown up so much this month! Happy 11 months Ethan!

  2. My nephew is just so super duper awesome! I can't wait to see him next month and give him tons of love!

  3. Time if flying by for real! the count down is on- we're gonna have one year old's!!!


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