Friday, August 24, 2012

30 Things, Day 24

Best of Both Worlds

24. Describe your family dynamic of your childhood vs. your family dynamic now.

Well other then being completely different?  
Growing up I felt like I had a almost perfect childhood. My parents were together ( well the man I consider my father) my siblings and I were all extremely loved, I had good friends and tons of fond memories. Now don't get me wrong, my parents definitely fought like cats and dogs ( guess we should have seen the divorcing coming) but tried their best to make sure that us kids where happy and healthy.  

As we got older there were lots of changes. Ryan wasn't Ryan yet and was dealing with his personal demons as was Michelle. I probably had it the easiest. and was able to go through my teenage years without much trouble.   

Of course now my parents are both divorce and remarried ( thanks to my dads affair) and I haven't lived at home in almost 10 years thanks to college and moving in with Tim when I was still working on my nursing degree.

My siblings and I are all still pretty close like we were as kids. Its always been a fun dynamic like with any siblings we didn't always get along but we always had each others back. After all nobody is allowed to pick on and be mean to my siblings but me ;)  They are living their own lives, or trying to. Michelle is married and living 6 hours away and Ryan is still busting his back trying to find a teaching job so he can start a life of his own as well.

Now I have a family of my own and my parents and siblings have become secondary. Tim, Ethan, and Aubrey come first. Its part of growing up, a part that I wouldn't change. My Mom probably has the hardest time with it because we've always been so close that its harder to accept that while I love her and need to for somethings I have a "new" family that is my top priority.

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