Friday, August 17, 2012

30 Things in 30 days ( catching up)

So I'm really slacking off on this, but I'm going to play catch up today

Day 10-
                                         Describe your most embarrassing moment.
Its really hard to pick just one. I'm a serious klutz and have hurt myself and done more silly things then imaginable. The first one that popped in to my mind was when I recently broke my elbow while roller skating ( because seriously, what 27 year old roller skates?) I basically cut cut off by a 5 year old and fell. Yep talk about a walk of shame.  Try explaining that one to your friends without people laughing.

Day 11
Describe 10 pet peeves you have. 
1.  Bad drivers-  I mean people who blatantly ignore the rules of the road and thus cause havoc. I mean its a turn signal, its not hard to move your finger a little and flip a switch.
2. People who always complain a lot.- I mean people are allowed to have bad days, and vent about it. It happens to everyone. But when people bring nothing but negativity to your life it really frustrates me. I mean can't you find SOMETHING to be happy about?
3. Parents who don't control/discipline their kids- I don't see why anyone thinks its ok to let your kids run wild, cause trouble, and be completely out of control. 
4. Laziness- I believe everyone should be able to enjoy down time, but that doesn't mean you can do that 24/7. Stuff has to get done, so instead of expecting others to do it get off your tush and get it done.

5. People who complain about doing there job.- By that I mean people who seem to be offended or annoyed when you ask them to do nothing more then what they are getting paid to do. Such as waitresses who seem frustrated if you ask for a refill, House keeping at the hospital ( or wherever else) that seem annoyed when you ask them to help clean up a mess

6. The guys at the gym who don't wipe down the piece of equipment when they are done using it. Serious, sweat is gross, clean it up!

7. The "One up you" moms- When your talking about they feel like motherhood is a competition and are trying to constantly one up you.

8. People who talk or text during movies- I mean serious, go outside

9.People who try to make a joke out of something serious. I know people cope differently but laughing about someone elses heartache is never funny.

10. Doctors who can't be even slightly empathetic. I don't care if you have Death Sentence stamped on your forehead, I hate when they basically are like "Sucks to be you, your going to die" I mean give me a break!

Day 12
12. Describe a typical day in your current life.
I am going to do this 2 part, day off and day at work
Work Day
Wake up at 430 take a quick shower, do my hair and makeup, pump and make my lunch. Then I make sure Ethan has everything he will need for the day ( if he is going to be with my mom). Normally I'm out the door by 545

Get to work at 615 and head inside, get report on my patients and get to work. 

Get off work at 7 and race home so I can be there in time to put Ethan in bed
730 get home and play with E for 15 minutes until we start getting ready to bed, which includes bathtime and reading 2 stories.
8pm- Pump and then go downstairs to hang with the hubby until I head to bed around 10.

Day Off
Wake up around 7and grab Ethan a bottle and let him drink his bottle while I pump
730 Head downstairs to eat breakfast and play for a while
930 Put Ethan down for a nap and then get showered and dressed ( or sometimes lay down for a nap myself)
1130 Ethan is awake, get him dressed for the day and make lunch for him
12 Plan on running any errands for the day. 
1230 Bottle for Ethan
2pm Nap for Ethan/ Pump ( I really try to be home for his naps because he sleeps better but sometimes he naps while we do errands)
5 Start making dinner while he plays with Tim
530/6pm- Dinner
630 Bottle for E
Then its playtime until we get E ready for bed around 745ish.
8pm Pump, 
10pm bed

Day 13
Describe 5 weaknesses you have
1. I am too giving- Meaning that I tend to be a big pushover
2. Mexican food- I could eat it every day of the week
3. Shopping- It spending money was an olympic sport I would have the gold medal.
4. I don't speak up for myself as much as I should
5.- Ethan, This kid has me wrapped right around his little finger

Day 14
 Describe 5 strengths you have. 
1. Its a weakness and a strength- I'm a giver
2. I am not a quitter ( ie I'm stubborn ;)
3.I *think* I'm a good mother
4. I can make people laugh
5. I am loyal

Day 15
 If you were an animal, what would you be and why? 
I don't know I have it narrowed to 2, Either a lion, because they're prideful and will tear anyone apart to protect their family or a monkey because they goofy and fun and love their familes

Day 16
 What are your 5 greatest accomplishments? 
1. My son
2. My marriage
3. My degree
4. My job
* I can only think of 4 right this second*

Day 17
 What is the thing you most wish you were great at? 
Losing weight, I have 0 endurance which makes it hard to stick with the gym

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