Monday, August 6, 2012

30 Things in 30 days

I decided to do a little link up this month. Mostly because my life is super boring.. ( or I'm not willing to talk about it on here, yet). Either way I decided this would be a fun little thing to do that will hopefully get my mind going and I can come up with something interesting to say (or not?)

Best of Both Worlds

But because I'm 6 days behind, I'm going to answer a few questions instead of just one.

Day 1 List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. I played the trumpet in the high school marching band and was pretty good
2. I am navy wife, and we are coming up on what could be our last year.
3. I have broken 3 bones before, all in my left arm ( elbow, wrist, thumb)
4. My left arm is shorter then my right and I have limited ROM( thanks to surgery related to my broken wrist)
5. I love to have my nails done, and hate when they don't have color on them
6.I use to play softball in HS but stopped because of my wrist ( wow that wrist has really caused trouble)
7. I am addicted to reese cups, I love those things!
8. I originally wanted to be an OR nurse not an oncology nurse
9.  I have been contemplating lately if I want to cut all my hair off.
10. I met my husband at Subway
11. I'm a push over, and tend to go with the flow to make others happy
12. I hate #11
13. I've known my best friend since we were 5. She's my total opposite by the best person I know
14. I'm North Carolina born and bred. Every time I go back to Carolina, it just feels " right"
15. If I could move anywhere in the the US, I'd live in Washington DC. I love the hustle and bustle of the city. Plus they have a wonderful childrens hospital there.
16. I have a phobia of feet. They seriously FREAK me out and I refuse to touch them.
17. I have 4 siblings that I don't talk to, that I haven't seen in about 5 years. Unfortunately most of them want nothing to do with me thanks to my biological dad. Oh well their loss.
18. If I wasn't a nurse I would have gone to cosmotology school. I love doing hair and makeup.
19. I currently have baby fever again.
20. I am itching for a new tattoo and know what I want I just need to save some extra $ to get it.

Snakes- I grew up around a lot of water and all it takes is one time stepping on a water moccasin to freak you out.
Cancer- I guess that comes with the territory of where I work. I think of cancer at least once a day.
Something happening to the kids- I think this is pretty self explanatory. I'm a mom, its my job to be afraid of this.

Complicated is the first word that came to mind. I am very close with my mom and know I can go to her with anything, but that also makes it hard because we know exactly which buttons to push to really get to the other person.
My dad and I use to be pretty close, but he changed and put his own needs above his families and picked his new wife/homewrecker over his kids. Basically telling us all " she is here to stay, so get use to it" So my sister and I still talk to him and see him occasionally, but my brother has cut him out of his life completely. I have personally laid down some ground rules and so far things have been ok ( after a long period of me telling him off and not speaking to him) ... Wow that makes me feel like I live in a soap opera.

1. Love who you are. You are pretty freaking awesome!
2. Cut the crap and stop being such a brat. Your parents deserve better then that
3. Be there for your siblings, they need you more then you know
4. Pay attention in school, you will need it later.
5. That boy you like... he likes you too, but he isn't the one. Trust me
6. Start working out, its easier to do now then when you have a kid and a job.
7. Learn to stand up for yourself. Its hard but its worth it.
8. Blonde hair is not a good idea!
9. Most of your friends from highschool will go by the wayside, but the ones you really care about you are still friends with in the future.

Day 5-What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now? 
1. Ethan

2. Tim

3. Work ( although this is really a double edge sword)

4. Summer

5. Aubs

Day 6-What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced? 
So many things, but if I had to choose one it would be about 4 years ago when Tim and I broke up for a while. I screwed up and thought I wanted to be young and carefree and not tied down, but it broke both of our hearts. Luckily he has never been anything if not persistent.

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