Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Ethan- Thank you for sleeping in, although its kind of strange because I woke up before you ( actually your still sleeping as I write this)

Dear Tim- Tomorrow is your birthday and I am so bummed that I have to work and I won't be here to celebrate with you until late. But we will have our big celebration on monday.

Dear Tia and Tamera- Thanks for being my cheesy summer go to show, you guys are so darn happy I can't help but smile

Dear Baby Fever- GO AWAY! I know I am not ready to get pregnant again, yet you pop into my head once a day. I guess I'm just bummed because Ethan is almost 1.

Dear 2012- Please slow down, your moving way to fast for me. I have hardly had time to go to the beach because we're always go go go.

Dear Dogs- Chill out, your a little to hyper lately and its driving me crazy!

Go ahead and have fun with your own Friday Letters


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