Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's just a little ink.

Numerous people around the world have a tattoo. People have been getting tattoos for centuries and it is considered one of the oldest forms of art by many. Yet still today in the 21st century tattoos are seen as obscure, rebellious, and even " lower class". 

 Why are people are so offended by tattoos?  Having a tattoo doesn't make someone less of a person, doesn't mean they are a criminal, and sure as hell doesn't mean they worship the devil ( as a former patient once told me when she saw one of my tattoos).  

You can find tattoos on politicians, doctors, teachers, lawyers, soldiers and if you were never to see these tattoos you would not doubt said persons character, but the second they roll up their sleeves all of a sudden they're the bad guy?

I haven't really talked about it much on here but I have been exploring my options of finding a additional job that will provide stability that Tim and I may need if he gets out of the military next year.  I even went on a few interviews. At one particular interview ( which I felt like I aced) I was chatting with the manager who interviewed me while filling out some additional paperwork when she happened to see part of the tattoo on my wrist.  It was covered by a watch, but the watch had turned and she saw it. No biggie, I wasn't wearing the watch to hid it, it just happens to be the arm I always wear my watch on.  So what does she say. " If we do hire you then "that"  ** insert pointing at my arm and a look of disgust** will need to be covered at all times.  Excuse me,  but because I have a tattoo ( well the one she could see) she decided to turn her nose up at me like I wasn't good enough.  I mean her whole demeanor change and she wasn't the very nice lady that had been previously interviewing me.  It was as if in 5 seconds I went from being a confident, competent oncology nurse to some random ding bat off the street who knew nothing about cancer or chemo in her eyes.  
Lets just say I withdrew my application a few days later.

Or lets talk about my current job, my sweet fun loving childrens hospital.  Apparently tattoos are "scary" and freak out the kids ** insert eye roll here*. Having tattoos doesn't make me less of a nurse yet when someone from management overheard me talking about getting a new tattoo on my forearm she quickly jumped in to voice her opinion and informed me that if I did then I would have to start wearing long sleeves. Umm Hello! its 90 degrees outside. There will be no long sleeves for me. I asked her to show me where it was written that I wasn't allowed to have visible tattoos and then asked her if it would suddenly make me a bad nurse if I had one, as if the ink would eat brain cells and I would forget how to do my job.  Of course she back tracked and apologized and said that it was for the patients. My patients don't care. They're kids and worrying about my tattoos is the last thing on their mind.  

Each of my tattoos has meaning. Its not like I randomly walked into a tattoo parlor as was like oooooohh, this is pretty I'll permanently put this on my body. I can understand if I had something completely offense and people had a problem with it.   I just can't tell you the amount of times someone has said something like " but your children will see that" or " do you really want to negatively influence kids like that". Negative influence? Why by telling them that its ok to be yourself, and not to worry about what other people think?  I know tattoos aren't for everyone, but there is really a simple answer for that in my opinion.... Don't get one!

I mean seriously its just a little ink.


  1. Ugh, I think some people associate tattoos with gangs. Which isn't hard to do when you're raised in an area with gangs.

    I've been job hunting too! My husband is planning on not reenlisting and his contract is up in Feb 2014. Of course, no such luck in the place we want to go. Except for RN jobs, which is a good excuse for me to go back to school and use my tuition assistance from the reserves. I wanted to do nursing, I don't know why I didn't when I went to college the first time. I saw they have an associates degree offered here and then you can take the NCLEX and become an RN. I would like to do more than just an associates, but 2 years is going to hurt us already.

    But yea, I don't understand why all the sudden people look at each other like they're a gang member when they find out the person has a tattoo. Give me a break.

    1. Way to go for looking into nursing! I love being a nurse. Just a little advice though. If you can find a way to do it them go for your bachelors. Many hospitals are starting to not hire nurses that don't at least have a bachelors degree which can make the job market much slimmer. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  2. I personally love tattoos and see nothing wrong with them. Good for you for standing up for yourself. I mean, this isn't the freaking 1950s and almost everyone I know has a tattoo. Big freaking deal!


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