Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mommy to a Boy

They say nothing is stronger then the bond of a mother and her child.

 I have a lot of friends who are currently pregnant with there first son, and to put it bluntly they are kind of in a weird state of shock.

There are so much "what ifs, how toos, and I don't knows". But being your friendly opinonated blogger that I am, I decided to help out and make it easy with my list of things to know about being a mom to a little boy. Yes my little boy is only 1 ( well 2.5 weeks short of 1) but regardless he is ALL boy. So it just wouldn't be fair if I didn't share my vast (?) amount of boy knowledge with you.

1. You will get pee'd on, so cover up his little canon EVERY time. The one time you forget will be the one time he "tinkles" when you change it. Trust me it only takes one time and you will never forget.

2. Those Pee Pee Tents or whatever you want to call them do not work, don't waste your time and sanity trying to chase after that thing as it flys off the second your little guy decides to "test it out". Just use a wash cloth. Trust me.

3. Little boys are rough, but big boys are rougher. The big boys in your life ( ie your husband) have this carnal instict to show is little guy how to "be a man", and will take full advantage of that including rough housing when you think he's too young, throwing your precious prince around like a rag doll, and pretty much insisting that its all ok. Why? Because he's a man, and thats what men do. I promise your little guy will be ok and so will you. You just might have a few extra grey hairs after watching your boys play.

4. It can be just as fun to shop for boys as it is girls. Yes you don't get hair bows, and tutus but you do get Converse and newsboy caps. ( my 2 personal faves) You just have to know where to shop. My suggestions- Baby Gap and Childrens Place. They won't break the bank but you still get such cute outfits.

5. I didn't believe it when people always said " Oh your having a boy, he will give you a run for your money". It wasn't because they were judging me personally, but its because all little boys ( ok MOST) little boys are like little storms. They cause a ton of damage but you just love to watch because there is just something amazing about it.

6. I really think boys have an innate desire to love cars, balls,monsters and all things loud and obnoxious from an early age. There is nothing you can do about it and trying to prevent it only makes it that much more exciting later. ( not to say that Ethan doesn't also play with "girlie things, he just prefers the "boy toys")

7. Yes, you will change your little guys diaper first thing in the morning and realize that his "flag" is raised. Just go with it. Its a shock but its quite humorous 

8. Speaking of your little guys "little guy" they find it at an early age and apparently its the coolest thing ever. Typical boy.

9. In regards to # 3, your son won't care that Mommies aren't as rough as Daddies. He will expect you to eventually throw him around and rough house with him just like Daddy. And you will do it.

10. Bumps, bruise scratches and "boo boos" start early, and become a part of everyday life. That's ok just invest in cute bandaids and lots of Neosporin.

 And most importantly

11. Regardless of how outragous they are, how much trouble they get into, how " all boy" they are, at the end of the night there is only 1 thing they want. . The boo boo fixers, the cuddlers, the giver of kisses, the Mom.


  1. Oh boy, so true. My Ethan LOVES cars, I don't know where he got it from because we had maybe 1, but when he went to grandma's he played with all the cars there (I have an almost 3 year old nephew that loves cars too) so now he's got a few cars. He definitely gets bumps. I haven't really noticed his "flag" up unless he's about to pee, but sometimes I'll wait a few minutes after he wakes up to change him because he doesn't really pee at night anymore, he does it after he wakes up. And he definitely wants mommy when something goes wrong and he's not happy.

  2. This post was dead on! It's one of my faves. I love being a boy mom and one day I'm gonna get that quote made for my house!


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