Monday, August 20, 2012

Raising the Sporty Kid

Some kids are born natural athletes others not so much. So what do you do if you have a kid who doesn't want to do sports?

 I mean sports of any kind,  football, baseball,  karate,  gymnastics no nothing ( dance even qualifies as far as I'm concerned). Do you push them into it because of the benefits- keeping them active, socialization, teamwork. Or do you give in and let them do what they want because not everyone is athletic and that's OK too. 

I know not everyone has to play sports, but I do think that as parents its our job to encourage them to be active and productive members of society and truly believe that playing a sport can help.

 Tim and I are huge baseball fans and I won't lie, if Ethan hates baseball it may break a small piece of my heart. Will I force him to do it even if he hates it? No. But I do plan on exposing him to that and to many other activities in hopes that he finds something he likes other then sitting around and playing video games in 5-10 years. Because thats NOT going to happen.

Its not like we are expecting Ethan to be the next Babe Ruth ( well one can dream....) but I do expect him to try something new, and if he doesn't like whatever he is doing we keep searching until we find something that he does love.

I don't plan on being one of those crazy, screaming moms who forces their child to try harder, jump higher, and score more. But if encouraging my child to try new things, have fun and stay active makes me a bad mom, then bring it on.

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  1. If my kid ends up like me with the energy (which he has now, and it's scary) he's definitely going to be into playing sports. I was in so many things, track, cross country, swimming, softball/baseball. It was nuts.


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