Monday, August 20, 2012

Show and Tell

Hey Linking up with Becky for a little Show and Tell.

This list of questions
  1. If you were searching for a home now, tell me what would be on your "MUST" list
  2. Show me your favorite room in a home {either your home, or any home, i.e. kitchen}.
  3. If you could have any room redone, tell me which one would it be and what would you like done?
  4. Tell me where your favorite stores are to shop for home decor.
  5. Show me your dream home {it can be your home, if you already have your dream home}
The Answers
1. We aren't actively searching but plan on within the next year. On our must have list is- Lots of closet space, large kitchen. bigger bathrooms, 4 bedrooms plus an area to use as a office, an actual laundry room ( not the small laundry closet we currently have). Tim really wants a garage which I could take or leave and I really want lots of natural lightening

2.I love big open living areas. Our living room is a good size but the lightening is horrible which stinks :( I want something more like this

3. Can't I just have my whole house redone? Its old and boring. Otherwise it would be our master bath. It only has a shower in it no bathtub and sometimes a girl needs a bath and a glass of wine.

4. I love pottery barn and pier one. If we had a bigger house ( and bigger paychecks) then I would shop more often at Restoration Hardware. I love everything in the store!

5. I have always had a thing for southern style plantation house. There is nothing prettier in my opinion. Tree lined drive ways, big pilliars, just like Tara from Gone with the Wind


  1. I loove Pottery Barn too!! All of our everyday dishes are from there - love the all white! Wish I had one close to where I live but then it's a good thing b/c I'd want to shop there, ha! :)

  2. Oh dear, I love restoration hardware too!


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