Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why I do it

Last week we had a very special surprise where I worked. As you know I work as a nurse on a pediactric oncology/hematology unit, which means I work with some very sick kids fighting really hard for their lives. I love my jobs and yet there are days when I get in my car and have a good cry. 
I cry for the patients that are gone, the patients that are currently still fighting, and the ones who have yet to start the fight.
 One such day was last week. We had planned a huge surprise for a patient of mine, one who is very dear to my heart. This young man was the 1st patient I ever met when I started working at my hospital, and he is still fighting.  Unfortunately his fight has put him through hell at times, so some of his nurses decided he need a pick me up and were able to get country singer Brantley Gilbert to come visit him.

One of my coworkers had a contact so we put it to good use and after a few phone calls she made it happen. We were in luck that Brantley had a concert in Virginia Beach and was able to swing by.  But that wasn't the amazing part, the amazing part was the look on this kids face when all was said and done. He looked the happiest he had been in months, all because of kindness from others.

At the end of the day I clocked out, climbed in my car, and cried. Its not fair that children have to go through this. They should be out hanging with their friends, playing, and driving their parents crazy like other kids do.

And then I heard this song

This is why I do what I do, for the fighters, the strongest people I know.

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  1. WOW, what a wonderful way to help that boy! You are amazing and I honestly don't think I could emotionally handle doing what you do. I'm sure there are so many other people who are lucky to have you to help care for them!


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