Friday, September 7, 2012

1 Year

Its official, I'm the mommy of a 1 year old.  A year ago today my life changed forever and I have loved almost  every minute of it ( minus a couple explosive diapers and what not). I was going to post this later but since little guy and big guy are both napping and I have cake in the oven I figure now is a good a time as any.

21lbs 8oz 25th percentile, right on his growth curve

29.5 inches also right on his growth curve

The doctor says he is right on track developmentally! Yay!
Clothing Size:
9-12 and 12-18 month in just about everything other then a few tshirts that still fit him 

Size 4 Huggies. We started using the slip on's and are so much easier to work with since E is such a wiggle worm.

( nothing like blueberries and blackberries first thing in the morning)

Eating anything and everything in sight. He loves fruit and most veggies although there are a few veggies that he is now refusing to eat that he has previously loved like broccoli.  We took him to his 12 month check up this morning and were given the green light to switch him to 2% milk ( she said that he is doing great and doesn't think we have to start with whole milk). We tried some for lunch and I don't think he was too impressed with it, but at least he is drinking it.
( Eating his birthday breakfast)

Hair, Teeth, and Eyes 
Teeth-Still just the 6 teeth but he is drooling like crazy, there has to be one hiding in there somewhere ready to come out.

Hair- He finally has hair, i mean a lot of hair. The back is growing a lot faster then the front and in my opinion is starting to resemble a baby mullet, but Tim refuses to let me cut it so I guess we will just have to learn to love the mullet ( or sneak a pair of scissors to it when Tim's not looking )

Eyes- Grey/Blue. Everyone says they look like my father in laws eyes ( who passed before I met Tim), so its hard for me to tell. 

All night long!! Since we moved bedtime to 8pm Ethan will sleep until at least 7, but normally later

He is really vocal and says about 5 words total- Mama, Dadda, Book, Ball, and play  although its still hard to make out most of what he is saying. His signing has picked up quite a bit. He is constantly saying "all done" and no as well as being able to sign sleep, more, eat, and book.

Also he has started signing a little bit more. His favorite is probably " all done" because he constantly does it. Also he'll sign no, sleep and more


Walking- He hates to be in his stroller now and wails until we let him out so he can walk with us.

Slides- We go to the park a few times a week and he could spend ours going down the slide.

Being read too, this kid loves his books!

The beach- We been able to get in a few more beach days and Ethan thinks its the best thing ever.

The stroller. He either wants to walk or be carried.
Being told No- What person doesn't?
Broccoli- so weird, he use to love this stuff


Walking- I mean really walking, not falling every 5 seconds walking. its so cute but makes me sad at the same time.

Less food restrictions- We are still not going to let him have peanuts, but most other foods are being added to his diet a little at a time.

1st Boo Boo- About 2 weeks ago he was outside playing while Tim was doing yard work and he fell, face first on the cement busting up his cheek pretty badly.

Personal Mommy milestone
 NO MORE PUMPING!!!!  I'm done. I originally said 3 months, then I said 6, and then I went for a year, and I did it. But as nice as it is to know I over came the challenge and was still able to provide E with breast milk I am so over it. No more pumping for me. (well technically I and weaning myself down because otherwise its super uncomfortable, but hopefully by next week I can pack up the breast pump.)


  1. Aww, Happy Birthday Ethan!! Way to go with the pumping, that is hard-work! Loved the pictures & his tie, adorable!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ethan!!! WOW, amazing that he has grown up so quickly! You are a rock star for pumping for so long. Seriously, you deserve a ton of kudos for that!


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