Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Isn't that Pintresting

I have been meaning to post this for a while but I completely slacked off, plus the item got dropped before I could take a pretty picture, but I will post anyway.

I broke my normal cake stand a few months ago accidentally and knew I would need one for Ethan's party. I came across this  a while back and decided that it would be easy to make and look really cute.

Off to Lowes I went and got what I needed, the pot and the base, plus a can of royal blue spray paint. Came   home, laid everything out and started painting. I decided I was going to paint the pieces separately instead of gluing them together first ( ** This is where I messed up!)

So I give them both 2 coats of royal blue and let them dry. It looked amazing!!

But then I forgot to glue them together until the morning of Ethan's party. 

I ran to the store, bought some gorilla glue ( because I truly believe that stuff holds anything) and glued the base on about an hour before I headed to set up. 
Well needless to say my brother was carefully holding it since it was still drying when my Mom accidentally ran into him thus causing the saucer to fall off and break.

Of course at that point we were SOL and instead bought a plastic serving plate from party city and glued it on really quickly.  

It worked and still looked great but definitely didn't have the wow that I originally wanted.

Oh well I guess next time I'll follow the instructions better.

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