Friday, September 14, 2012

Number 2?

Let me start this out by saying I am NOT pregnant.

But how do you know when your ready?  Last night I kissed Tim bye before he headed to work ( because we are back to him working nights ) tucked Ethan in bed and settled in front of the TV with a glass of wine and turned on "What to Expect When Your Expecting", you know the new Cameron Diaz movie based off of the book.  It was cute, definitely cheesy, but a cute movie none the less. Well at the end of the movie -spoiler alert- all these different women in their different situations ( easy pregnancy, crazy pregnancy, adoption etc) have their babies on the same night, and I lost it. Next thing I know I'm sitting there boo hooing thinking about pregnancy and wondering if I'm ready for another one.

Now my immediate answer to that is NO! As much as I like the thought of getting pregnant again and having another sibling for Ethan I know that we aren't ready.  Financially we have a ways to go and will definitely need to have moved into a bigger house ( which in itself is a whole post), and with Tim most likely getting out of the Navy next year I want to know that he will have a new job before we have another little one. 

But at the same time I want to say " things will have a way of working themselves out" and that we should go for it. Yes that's my heart talking, not my head. But I do miss being pregnant, the good, the bad, all of it. 

So now the questions how will we know when we're ready?  
Because I don't we'll ever know, we just have to go with our gut and hope for the best.


  1. 1. There's never a right time. My husband's getting out of the military soon too, and while I would like to have another kid now, I KNOW it would be completely stupid of us. Mostly because I'm going back to school starting in the winter and will have another year left before I graduate when my husband gets out of the military, and my husband will be going back to school. So we won't have much money coming in at all and that's terrifying with just 1 kid. Plus I would like to breastfeed this time and I think it would be way too hectic, especially if we have to live with his parents. I'd rather just do it in my own house. So while there isn't always a right time, there's also a time when if you sit down and go "well, there's going to be this huge change to our finances/ We're always struggling with money now" etc. then you should, as an adult, know that it really isn't a good time to try. Some people still do it anyway (I know 1, which is why I'm saying. lol) and then they cry to everyone about how they can't buy anything for the baby.

    2. You're ready when you are. Around when my baby was 1 is when I got the urge, it's kind of quieted down some now and I'm enjoying my friend's baby and my toddler that's easy to take care of now. I would like to have another or at least try before my husband deploys, but I'm going to wait because I don't want to go through pregnancy and birth alone, and I want to start school.

    1. I agree. As much as I hate to admit it I know we aren't financially ready even if I do feel emotionally ready that's just not enough. I think it is just hitting me hard with Ethan being a toddler. Thanks for the comment!

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    3. Ps I didn't feel like you were bashing me or anything:) I agree with your point. Sometimes your heart wants something that your head knows you shouldn't do and you have to do what's right for "you" instead of what you want.

  2. My sentiments exactly! It's a wanting but waiting situation.

  3. I guess I'm from the school that if it's meant to happen it will happen. I was so terrified of waiting too long and Oliver being an only child. I guess there's never a perfect time for a baby and you just know what it's right for y'all.


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