Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Monster Bash

We ended up celebrating Ethan's birthday from Friday ( his actual birth date) clear through Sunday night, with his actual birthday party being held Sunday afternoon at a park here on one of the many naval bases in the area.  

The day started out worrisome thanks to a storm that had moved in over night and was still coming down Sunday morning when we woke up.

My Mom, brother, and I headed out about 2 hours before the party started to pick up balloons and the food. We opted for something easy, that most people love. KFC chicken with a few sides. Either Tim nor myself wanted to cook and since we had the party right at lunch we decided it was the best fit.

By the time Ethan's party started the rain had let up and the day had turned beautiful ( isn't rain a sign of good luck?)

The birthday boy had lots of kisses to blow.

Mommy wearing Ethan's pilot hat he received from his Grandpa ( my dad)

Ethan's buddy Zion

Hugs for the birthday boy

Playing on the slide at the park ( Note the adorable "Lil Monster" t-shirt we made for the birthday boy)

The monster cake that took 2 days to make. It actually turned out a lot better this this picture shows. The cake was 3 layers and the arms and legs were made from fondant. The eyes are cake pops that unfortunately the gel icing I used on the pupils started to run. ( and its hard to read from the angle of the photo, but thats his name at the bottom in blue)

Ethan didn't care either way about the cake, but loved the cake pop eyes. I think because they were smaller and he could hold onto it.

Cake pops and cupcakes

Icing kisses for Mommy.

After cake we opened some presents and then the kids went back to playing 

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