Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things I wish I had know

The first year of a babies life is amazing, scary, and just plain confusing. Throughout your pregnancy and your child's first year you will get a ton of advice and input of the do's and don'ts and the just plain huh??  But even with all of that there is some wisdom I wish people would have shared with me, so being the sweet giving blogger I am, I thought I would share with you.

I don't care if you have 10 kids, your a doctor, or your a first time SAHM, there will be moments when you don't have a clue what your doing, and that's ok.

You will second guess yourself a lot, but remember as long as your doing what is best for your family, then everything will work out.

You will be buying new clothes all the time, too bad none of them are for you.

Half the stuff you registered for, you never will use it.

You will miss aspects of your old life, and that's ok- Dropping everything to go to brunch with the girls, sleeping in, getting up and going.  

Your marriage could hit a rough patch- its a rough patch, not a rough road. Its temporary and when you get in the swing of things then everything has a way of working itself back out.

Set boundaries with friends and family before its too late. Its easier to tell them no in the beginning then it is later

Your child will be easily amused, there is no need to go spend tons of money on fancy kid activities when there is so many fun free ideas for them.

The white noise machine you hate can be your life saver, even when your child is 1.

Your child does not have to ( and probably won't ) follow those pretty little time lines in baby books.

Get ready to expect the unexpected.

And then one you should already know-

Enjoy it because it really does pass in the blink of an eye

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  1. Yep, it certainly does fly by fast doesn't it? This is an awesome post and I think maybe I might need to do some similar too.


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