Friday, September 28, 2012

Things that go bump in the night

Well that would be night terrors.

About 1-6% of children have night terrors. That's it, 1-6%! But lucky me, my child is an over achiever.

Imagine this. Your snuggled all warm and cozy in your bed when you wake up to what sounds like you child being tortured. You run to the room to find your little guy ( or girl) standing up in their crib, eyes still shut, appearing panicked, sweating, and screaming!  You go and pick them up and it doesn't matter how much consoling you do they don't snap out of it. Why? Because they're still mostly asleep. 

So what are the symptoms?
  • Sit up in bed
  • Scream or shout
  • Be inconsolable
  • Be difficult to awaken
  • Night terrors are typically early in the night before the child reaches a deep sleep
  • Can appear awake but does not respond to stimuli.
  • Typically do not appear to remember what happened the next day

Yeah that's night terrors. One of the doctors at work basically described it as sleep walking except instead of walking they are stuck somewhere between deep sleep and awake so they panic.  Ethan seems to have 2 to 3 episodes of this a week.  There really isn't anything that can be done according to the pediatrician other then to keep him safe so he won't get hurt from all the thrashing.  We are changing some of his bedtime routine in hopes that it will help him some, and so far its hard to tell.

Apparently Ethan will eventually just grow out of it, and when it happens it won't be a moment too soon for this mommy.


  1. Poor Ethan! Hearing him wake up at night screaming would scare me to death! I hope he grows out of it soon for your sake and his! Have a great weekend!

  2. I hate night terrors. Michael had them early on and somehow grew out of them. They scared me at first until I learned what they were. I hope Ethan grows out of them soon.

    Analilia | Ride The Spiral

  3. Poor little guy. I can only imagine how terrifying that must be for you and for him! So he will eventually outgrown them? How awful. I would feel just so awful if that were Oliver. Poor Ethan. Good luck, mama!


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