Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What did you just say!

I'm pretty sure we have all heard this before. There you are minding your own business when you hear a child ( of any age) back talk their parent/ say something down right mean to said parent/ or just plain old act like a brat. And what does said parent do? Nothing.  

I'm not talking about typically grumpy kid having a bad day behavior ( well it counts to an extent) but I'm talking nasty " Shut up Mom", " Nobody asked you Dad", "Bite Me" behavior. Kicking and screaming and cussing and just being BAD.

The whole time you're hearing this your trying to keep your jaw off the ground and bite your tongue because of course its not your business but you can't help but think that there is no way in hell... well you get the point.  

So the big question is why? Why are some parents ok with their children acting like that. I have had parents apologize to me for their children's behavior and say something like " Sorry about that, I hate when she acts like that".  

Ok well thanks for apologizing but your not the one acting like a PITA, so you really have no reason to apologize, however if you don't like it then stop it, your the parent! ( ok I don't say it but I think it, a lot). 

Then again maybe they do have a reason to apologize? They obviously know that their child's behavior is unacceptable, and yet nothing is done to change it and correct said behavior. 

I see it a lot working in the hospital. Little Susie or Johnny or whatever is there for whatever reason  and the parents want to be nice because Little Whomever doesn't feel well.
But is that really the way to handle it?  That if your child is ill then they should be able to get a free pass and behave however they want?
And if they're acting like that its hard to believe that they don't act like that at home, so when I hear " I don't know whats gotten into them, they never act like this" I mean really?? REALLY?

Yes I think its true that you don't have a right to tell other people how to raise their children but I guess I don't get why people tolerate it.

I just don't see that I would ever be ok with Ethan saying " shut up mom, your stupid" or "Suck it mom ( as I heard a 15 year old say to her parent the other day).  
I would be livid and my kiddo would certainly know it. Depending on the age the correct punishment would be taken. Time out, loss of privilege, something.

Now in my opinion I do think I reserve the right to speak up for myself it said child decided its time for me to be their verbal punching bag. I'm not rude about it but I am very matter of fact. If said teenage girl told me to "suck it" then she would quickly, but politely be told that her language is unacceptable and when she can talk to me with respect then I would be back, then I walk away. ( probably to go cool down before I walk back and give said kiddo a piece of my mind)

Yes I have had parents say to me " I can't believe you just yelled at my child ( ummm excuse me that wasn't yelling, trust me).  But then I have to just let the parents know I don't let people talk to me like that and then I walk away ( probably to go cool down before I walk back and give the kiddo and the parent a piece of my mind )
I don't know... maybe I just need to be enlightened because I'm confused, or maybe I'm overreacting, or maybe I just have a low BS tolerance, whatever it is I don't get it.

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