Wednesday, October 10, 2012

13 months

So I was originally going to stop these at 1 year, but I figured what the heck, I'll keep going.

A little over 22lbs, our scale at home isn't as accurate as the doctors office I don't think

30.5. We had to run up to where I work so we took advantage of the moment and measured him

Clothing Size:
Mostly 12-18 month clothing with a few 9-12 month shirts that still fit him.

Size 4. We are trying to save money and actually switched from Huggies to BRU and to be honest I like them better. They are thinner but hold just as well as the bulkier diapers.


So remember how I last month I said Ethan was refusing to eat certain veggies? Well we can now say Ethan refuses to eat all veggies, and some fruit. This is very unlike him but we are finding ways around it so he still gets his veggies in him. He loves Naked Juices, which is great since there are fruits and veggies in them so I do feel bad if as long as he is getting them somehow.  Also he is on a huge " let me do it myself" kick where he is hating to be helped with feeding. He wants finger foods or nothing lately.

Hair, Teeth, and Eyes 
Teeth-Just the same 6 that he has had for about 5 months now.

Hair- I am still fighting with Tim on the baby mullet. The hair on the top of his head just doesn't grow as fast as the hair on the back, so its staring to look a little funny.

Eyes- Grey/Blue.

We are doing pretty well other then the night terrors, which I think we have finally got a handle on. We are super diligent about his bedtime routine and it has helped cut down on the terrors a lot. Now he only has maybe 1 a week. Otherwise he is sleeping from 8 to sometime between 7 and 8 am.

He has been such a chatter box lately. Of course you can't really tell what he is saying half the time but darn if he won't carry on a full conversation with you regardless.  Also his signing is becoming more common with things like "eat", and "yes" becoming more frequent.


Walking- No stroller or shopping cart if he has his way ( which unfortunately for him isn't that often)

Other kids- He loves sitting at the park watching the big kids

Books- he has started "reading" them to himself. He will just grab a book, climb in his glider and talk to himself as he flips the pages.

The Cozy Coupe- Best gift ever, Ethan is addicted to this car. You would have thought he got a Lexus or something.

Veggies- But mommy has outsmarted him
Hats- Its getting cold out, so this isn't going to fly for me
Being carried- He wants to walk, ALL THE TIME!

Nothing to exciting, but he is developing his current milestones like a champ.


  1. Nooo! you can't stop the updates! I love reading them since our boys are only days apart. Your little guy seems to reach milestones before mine does so I look forward to knowing what's coming next.

    The picture with his hat on is to die for! He's so adorable!

  2. OMG, the eating thing is SO true. Same with mine, except he liked fruit but no veggies or meat. I got around it with veggie burgers and veggie chicken nuggets and whatever I could fit in. I've been using V8 splashers lately. I still place all that in front of him and he's gotten to where he'll eat chicken nuggets (the meat ones) and he ate carrots yesterday but wouldn't eat the broccoli.


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