Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Little Paint, A Big Change.

 Check out my new bathroom! It needed a change. Before it was boring and brown and masculine, and well just bad.

Note the boring green and brown of the previous bathroom

First things first, bye bye fixtures
Getting ready to paint!

 We ended up going with the same grey that's in Ethan's room. Its not to dark, but its not to light either. I love this color!

Then of course I wanted a pop of color and ran across this on sale at michaels

And so I spray painted, a lot and love how everything turned out

Its so much brighter and inviting. Its small but I love it.  Plus most of it was just repurposed stuff we already had laying around that I just freshened up with some paint or pulled out of storage.  The paintings I did a few years ago and didn't really work with anything we had until now.

My favorite part? The little details.


  1. It looks great! It's amazing what a little thing can do for a room. I can't wait till we own a home and can paint too. I'm sick of white walls.

  2. This is funny. I just got done walking out of my bathroom saying, "I really need to paint this room". Found you from the Friends to followers hop, and excited to be your newest follower! Looking forward to reading more.



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