Sunday, October 7, 2012

Isn't That Pintresting

We are finally redecorating the master bath!! Woo Hoo!! You have no idea how ready I was to get rid of the green and brown.  The only thing left to do is paint the walls the same shade of grey from Ethan's bathroom.

Being our bathroom is pretty small there isn't much storage and things get a little cluttered. I saw this
on Pintrest and loved the idea. I thought it would be great to organize random little things in the bathroom.

The only catch is I really didn't want to hang another towel rack. 
Luckily I didn't have to because we have one of those cabinets above our toilet with a towel bar attached. Normally we just hang pretty decorative ( IE ones I hate for people to actually use because I'm weird like that) hand towels. Well Tim hates my hand towels so I took it as my opportunity to add a little change.
See the off limit towels, and the brown, its everywhere. Tan and brown.

We had these little metal buckets left over that we had used as decorations at Ethan's birthday that I decided to re purpose for this.   

I love the royal blue color, but it doesn't really go with what I have in mind for the bathroom so instead I picked up some turquoise spray paint while I was at Michael's today

 and gave the buckets a little paint job
( It actually is a little darker then in the picture and much less robins egg and more turquoise)

After that I just hung them up with some spare shower hooks I had laying around and tada, instant storage

( ignore the green walls please and thank you, I plan on fixing that in the near future)

Easiest project ever!

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