Friday, October 26, 2012

Life Lately

So I know I haven't been around much, but for good reason.

I started a second job and even though I'll only be working there on average 1 day a week I have had to do 2 weeks of orientation ( monday thru friday) on top of working my normal job so needless to say I have been exhausted!

 Today is day 12 of 14 straight of working so yeah (except for 1 day last week when E wasn't feeling well and I had a migraine)... I need a break.

I'm working for a hospital system that I've worked for before, but at a different and much larger hospital. So far I don't know what to think. Its a lot to take in with getting use to the adult world again as well being at the biggest hospital in the area... ( I mean this place is HUGE!!!)

Other then that we have started a new baby sitter arrangement with a girl Tim works with. My mom normally watched Ethan but it was causing some stress to everyone involved, so Tim and I thought that maybe we would give this a try instead in hopes that my family can just on being a family and we can get past the stressors that come with mine and Tim's crazy schedules.

This wasn't an easy decision at all because my mom and step father ( and brother) and all WONDERFUL with Ethan and he adores them all. But it wasn't fair to my family how they were being treated do to the constant schedule changes and last minute notices and we don't want them to become resentful for helping. So now we figure they can focus on being grandparents and uncle, without worrying about the stressors of feeling obligated to watch E.

We plan on making sure E sees them as often as normal still since they only live about 15 minutes away because we don't want them to feel like they are being punished when they didn't do anything wrong, ya know?

The change has been hard, but I don't really blame anyone. We did kind of sprung it on them at the last second which probably wasn't our best option, but that's just how it worked out when we had it all finalized with the new sitter.

Speaking of the new sitter its really weird leaving Ethan with someone new. Of course the first time he freaked when Tim went to leave but luckily it was short lived when he saw toys. The plan is we will baby sit her daughter who is a week older then Ethan on Tims days off and she will watch E when we have to both work. So far so good, but I guess only time will tell.

What else? Oh well there is that pesky hurricane that has decided this would be a perfect weekend to visit. Normally I don't mind hurricanes, but my job gets all antsy with anything other then sunshine and rainbows, and are already warning people to pack a back for this weekend just in case they force us to spend the night.

Yeah this girl... Not sleeping on a cot in the hospital. Come hell or high water ( the latter of which is pretty possible).

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  1. You are so awesome sis! I would say keep strong but it's evident to me that you don't need anyone to tell you because you are so dang motivated for your family <3 Love you


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