Friday, October 26, 2012

Life of a Working Mom

It is chaotic.

It is stressful

It is fun.

But mostly it is necessary.

I have been wanting to do this for a while, but to be honest I'm horrible at remember to take photos of stuff to document my day. But your in luck because I tried really hard ( no seriously, like really REALLY hard) and decided to clue you in on my life as a working mom.  

Because I'm now working 2 jobs, not every day is as smooth as this one, but I'll take it when I can get it.

6:14 am- Hear Tim come home from work

6:23 am- Smell coffee and give my husband a smooch before I jump ( ok, more like grown like a 90 year old) out of bed

6:37 am- Hear Ethan start to wake and run to his room with promises of chocolate and more toys then a toy store if he goes back to sleep... It works
Ugh... morning hair

7:02 am- Head downstairs and feed the dogs

7:07 am- Get in the car and say a prayer that E lets Tim sleep until at least 8am

7:10 am- Realize I forgot to eat breakfast and make a bee line for Krispy Kreme down the street from my house

7:30- Get to work. Because of the orientation I'm doing and being stuck doing 2 weeks of classes today I'm not at the hospital but at a nursing school to get these classes out of the way

11:30- Lunch! I decided it was a mexican type of day

12 pm- Man I love that Mexican food is quick, I still have time to head to Target to pick up a few essentials ( and to walk out of there with with $90 worth of random stuff I can't even remember)

12:25- Realize I have to be back in class in 5 minutes and drive like a bat out of hell to make it there with a minute to spare.

3:00 pm- Get out of class early and decide to have a little me time with a hair cut and a quick trip to Old Navy ( where I happened to find the cutest dress on clearance!)

4:30- Get home just in time for Tim to leave for work. Ethan's sleeping so I change out of my scrubs and veg in from of the tv for a bit.

5pm- Ethan's awake and off to Harris Teeter grocery store we go. They have the best produce!

6:30- Run over to my moms to pick up the pack and play for this weekend ( we're babysitting overnight this weekend) and to let E visit with his Mimi and Nuna.

7:30- Head home and get E ready for bed

8pm- Study for a test on cardiac arrhythmias

9pm- Grey's Anatomy! ( with studying still during commerials)

10pm- Bed !!!

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  1. I don't miss working, but some days I do miss working. I don't miss the 4 hours of sleep at night, but I miss the interaction and doing something challenging.
    Your husband's getting out of the military too, isn't he? I'm scared what lies ahead, but he just left to Afghanistan and once he gets back he'll be out-processing pretty much. I can't wait, I hate being separated.


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