Friday, October 5, 2012

What I'm thinking

 I'm Thinking that.......

- I really need to get back on my diet. I am afraid to get on the scale because of what it might say

-As crazy as it sounds I miss pumping. Yes pumping.

- I think what I really miss is the joy of providing for my child by pumping, not actually be tied down to the machine. Doing it for a year seems so routine that its hard to adjust now

-  I need to go back to the doctor about my back.  If you didn't know I injured it years ago and have a slipped disk in my lower back that constantly gives me trouble. But because of pregnancy, and then breast feeding I have gone almost 2 years without my medication for it and its getting worse. I restarted my meds this week but it makes me light headed and I feel like I've been drinking. No a good idea

- Its time to purge some of our stuff. Maybe I'll have a yard sale. Do people do that in the fall?

- Its time to get rid of Ethan's pacis. He seems to be becoming more attached to them and even though the pediatrian gave us the green light to let him keep it I don't want it to be harder down the road.
-we need finish fixing up the house. I'm ready to move.

- Its time for a change. Maybe I should cut my hair?

-Its time for bed. My medication is making my head feel foggy and it took me 30 minute to type this....

Good Night!


  1. You're a good mom. I'll have to keep you saved because whenever we have a second I want to try BFing and not fail this time. Though my boy is ok, I would have liked to do it.
    My mom has a slipped disk (or disks? I forget) and I can only imagine, she's always in so much pain from doing just easy chores.
    I've been wanting to cut my hair into a pixie style, but I'm not sure.
    We took Ethan's (my son) binky away last week, then we switched him to a big boy bed because he just wouldn't go to sleep ever (even before we took the binky), he's doing fine with the bed, but he screamed and threw a fit today for his nap so we ended up giving the binky back. Oh well, small steps I guess. He only gets it for nap and sleep time anyway.
    I'd still do a yard sale, I saw a few last weekend. If it's nice, why not? We've been purging so much from our house in the past year and it's so much nicer to clean but we still have a lot to go. Though I've given up on garage sales and craigslist. So what I can't easily sell and ship on ebay I just donate.

  2. So, I was just thinking maybe you could host a blogger garage sale? I don't know- that may be far fetched and hard to do but I know a ton of moms who is always looking to seel stuff and I'm even apart of a fb group for moms in my area that post stuff to sell. I'm not sure how it would work but its just a thought.


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