Thursday, October 18, 2012

What I'm thinking

I think that....

- Tositos are the best chips in the whole wide world.

- I really need to go talk to my doctor about my back. Its getting worse and the medicine makes me feel all loopy. Not really conducive to being a productive person.

- sometimes you have to do the right thing, even though it hurts and others may disagree.

-Target may be the best store in the country world.

- I really need to start coming up with Christmas ideas. I have a few floating around in my head but that's it.

- I died and went to fat girl heaven today when I tried the Dorito Loco Taco.

- My diet is in shambles. ( don't believe me? read above again)

-Its time for another tattoo.

-Actually its past time.

And if I had to guess, this is what Ethan was thinking today.
- Mamamamamamamamamamamamama.  Its the only thing I heard him say all afternoon. I melt

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you, those Doritos Locos tacos are simply amazing. I could eat like 8 of them. I also am crazy in love in Target!


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