Tuesday, November 13, 2012

14 Months

I'm a few days late on this do to Ethan being super sick lately ( 105 degree fever that landed us in the ER is no fun!) But better late then never they always say.

About 24 pounds

31 inches

Clothing Size:
Mostly 12-18 month, except some of his pjs he is actually wearing 18-24month.

Size 4

He is so picky lately. I really hope its just a phase. Because finding things that he will actually eat lately is harder then ever.

Hair, Teeth, and Eyes
Teeth- 8 plus he has at least 1 molar coming in.

Hair- Ethan got his first hair cut! Bye Bye baby mullet. He looks like such a little man now.

Eyes- Grey/Blue.

Day light savings really messed us up but we have gotten through that and Ethan is sleeping 12 hours again every night.

Since we took away Ethan's paci ( except for at bedtime, I'm not that brave yet) he is talking to much more! Of course you can't understand half of it, but at least he is trying. So far we have mama, dada, ball, dog, and no.


Mommy's cell phone- Every time I can't figure out where it went, Ethan has it.

Music- Anything musical. Maracas, drums, this cute little xylophone ( courtesy of the dollar bin at target!) anything that makes music lately he is really drawn to

Airplanes- Toy planes, real planes, planes on TV, he doesn't care

Water- He has suddenly started to love drinking water, which I love because he doesn't always want milk or diluted juice now.

( Ethan and his little friend Lily who we babysit)

Veggies- The vegetable strike continues. Thank goodness for Plum Organic pouches, because that is the only way to get anything green in this kid.

Running. When did that start? If feels like he just started walking, and now he is running!

Using a spoon. I have been trying to let him feed himself more, and he seems to finally be getting the hang of it. Yes its still messy, but at least it doesn't all land on the floor now.

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