Friday, November 23, 2012


One of the best parts of being a nurse, besides the fact that your helping people is it is a job that you can constantly learn something new, and your job is willing to send you to some interesting places to make that happen.

  I was lucky enough to be one of 2 nurses from my unit to be sent to Florida for a Pediatric Hem/Onc conference last week.  

Besides a few road bumps that had me rethinking the trip all together ( like a toddler with a fever of 105.5) I was stoked! 

My coworker Jessica flew down the day ahead of me to visit her family just outside of Orlando so I flew by myself last Wednesday which was pretty exciting because it was the first time I've ever flown alone.

Here is a neat little flying tip for all of you who also aren't frequent fliers- Flying with a sinus infection is a BAD idea.  I have NEVER been in that much pain. I seriously thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. Yeah it sucked.

Luckily I landed in Florida just before my head exploded and met up with Jessica so we could spend out 1 free day at the happiest place on earth. That's right... The "House of Mouse"- Disney.

The conference itself was from Thursday through Saturday and covered a huge variety of topics from bleeding disorders to brain tumors to social medias impact on health care.. Yeah that may not sound really exciting to you, but trust me... it is

After that we jumped on a plane and flew home ( during which time I once again pondered if my eyes were coming out of my head due to sinus pressure)

So are you curious of what I learned during my trip? Come on I know your at the edge of your seat with anticipation so I'll share a few things.

1. Flying with a sinus infection is the stupidest thing ever. 
2. Sickle Cell Disease has made hardly any advancements in the last few decades as far as treatment. This is heartbreaking for a population of people who the median life expectancy is around 50 years old.
3. Social Media has actually been proven to be helpful in the healthcare field if used properly.
4. Meditation and self hypnosis are amazing and actually quite helpful for pain management ( this one I put to the test my first day back to work.. it was amazing).
5. #4 isn't true when it comes to sinus pressure, trust me I tried.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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