Friday, November 2, 2012

Its a bird, a plane, its.....

Super Man!!!

Actually its Ethan dressed as Clark Kent.

 I know I know, you almost didn't recognize him huh?

Ethan's first time trick or treating didn't go exactly as planned. I originally wasn't going to be able to get off but I had to leave work early and was thus able to be with my family.  We were babysitting Halloween night plus we had a friend and her little boy.

Ethan didn't take a nap before we left, so after about the 3rd house he was cranky!!! 

We probably stayed out about an hour, and then headed over to my moms to say hi, so she and my step dad could see Ethan all dressed up.
 Its hard to tell because we didn't get a good photo, but  I was "Wonder Women" because every Superman needs a Wonder Women.

Someone was tired!

So instead we got him and Lily dressed the next morning in their costumes and took photos of them 
with all of their candy, which I think he enjoyed much more then actually going trick or treating.

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