Monday, November 12, 2012

Show and Tell

The Questions

1. Tell us what you like to do when it's cold outside.
2. Tell us some of your favorite "winter" recipes.
3. Show a picture of something that makes you think of the cold.
4. Tell us /show us some of your favorite accessories/outfits for the winter
5. Tell us if you had the option of snow or no snow, what would you pick?

The Answers

1.Stay inside! I don't do cold weather well so I try to avoid it the best I can by staying inside and curling up with a good book or some other inside activity.

2. I love chili in the winter time. I could eat it year round, but it seems to be so much better when its cold outside.  I would give you the recipe, but its top secret

3. Tim begged me to try snowboarding, and needless to say it wasn't my favorite thing. It was cold and I have no balance, which doesn't make for a good snowboarder.

4. Scarves and hats, my 2 absolute favorites.

5. Easy question. No snow, for sure. 

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