Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Traditions

My favorite time of the year is officially here!  

Every year we try to do certain things that are special to us.
We blast christmas music and put up the tree,

 then exchange ornaments we bought for each other, make a ginger bread house ( yep we did this even before Ethan)

and of course take our annual holiday photo. 

 This year I decided I wanted to do some new traditions as well. So whats a better tradition to start then doing something for others. Tim organized an angel tree at his job and I went a little over board on the gifts. We got a 18 month little girl and let me just say girl shopping is way to much fun!  Hair bows, and dresses, and PINK!. I may have over done it just a bit.  

We also plan on making some cookies and taking them to the fire department on christmas day, just as a way to say thank you.  Next year I'm hoping I can do a 25 days of giving type of thing, where we do something each day for someone else. This year Ethan still won't understand what it is we are doing, but I'm hoping by next year he can be an active part in it.

What else? Oh yeah this little guy made his first appearance ever at our house this year

I love celebrating the holidays with traditions that we build upon each year.
So what about you? Do you have any traditions that you love at Christmas time? Or any that you want to start?


  1. I love your Elf! We are going to start that next year too. Our big traditions are going to look at Christmas lights on Christmas eve and baking cookies for Santa!

  2. Oh I love the idea of taking cookies to the fire house! I think we'll do that too! I have to admit I'm overwhelmed with many to choose from, I better pick 1 or 2 or I know I'll regret it.


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