Thursday, January 3, 2013

Isn't that Pintresting

I'm back with another fun DIY project courtesy of Pintrest.  I'm sure everyone has seen the DIY magnetic chalkboard, right? Well I decided to make one of my own.

A lot of the sites say to use magnetic primer with a chalkboard paint on top, but I'm here to burst your bubble and tell you it won't work. Trust me I tried and unless its a super strong magnet its not going to help you.

So off to Lowes I went to put my back up plan into action.

 First stop getting chalkboard spray paint. The can paint works, but unless you put numerous coats then I personally think you can see brush strokes. With the spray paint it takes one coat and your done.  I used Valspar chalk board paint

Then off to get a piece of sheet metal the size I wanted, followed by going over to the trim. I ended up getting two 8 foot pieces of lattice instead of wood trim because I decided it would be easier to clean then the wood.

So home I went to spray paint the sheet metal, then cut the lattice into 8 equal pieces ( 4 for the front, and 4 for the back
After that I used epoxy ( which I can say I'm not really a huge fan of, its messy and I could have probably just used gorilla glue) and started gluing the frame together
After that I glued the frame to the sheet metal to protect Ethan's little hands from the sharp edges ( and thus cutting myself in the process of course...)

That's it. Easy magnetic chalk board for less then $35.

How did Ethan like it?

Well it definitely got the stamp of approval from the artist himself.

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