Thursday, February 7, 2013

17 Months

- So on a totally unrelated note, I'm still around. I just don't have a lot of time to blog right now because I am trying to work as much as possible before my surgery. I have my pre-op appointment in a week and a half and hopefully will have my surgery shortly there after, so while you may not see many new blogs from me don't worry I'll be back soon!

On to the whole point of this, Ethan!

Ethan is finally feeling better for probably the first time since December. He still has that runny nose but otherwise is acting like his usual spastic self ( wonder who he got that from?)

About 24 pounds. 

32 inches ( thats just a guess, maybe a little taller now?)  I really should get one of those height charts huh?

Clothing Size:
Mostly 12-18 month, except some of his pjs he is actually wearing 18-24month.  However it really depends on the brand of clothes. I love H&M clothes but the pants swallow him whole ( like he could wear 12 month pants from them still) and they're so long, where childrens place he needs 18-24 months.

Size 4. Little man took after his daddy and has a super small waist

He is getting better about veggies, we just put them on his plate and eventually he will take at least a few bites of whatever it is.

Hair, Teeth, and Eyes
Teeth- 16 teeth and a jaw like a shark. He bit me recently for the first ( and hopefully the last) time. And man did that hurt!

Hair- Reddish blonde. I convinced Tim to let it grow out a little and lets see how it looks, but I don't know how long I'll be able to tolerate it before I decide he needs another hair cut.

Eyes- Grey/Blue.

Mostly down to 1 nap a day, which is ok because its normally a 2 hour nap. Plus he sleeps between 11 and 12 hours a night.

Wow my kid is loud! He "talks" a lot its just not easy to always understand him. However he has suddenly started picking up on signing a lot more then he had been. We even have him saying please, thank you, and I love you in sign language now. Talk about a proud mommy.....


Flipping- As in upside down, as in diving over the back of the couch and going upside down. I really think I'm going to have to look into taking him to a tumbling class like Gymboree soon, he would love it.
Sorry I got lazy and didn't feel like rotating this... oops

Helping me clean- He drags the broom around all day long. Lets see if this last into his teenage years huh?

Sharing- Ugh!! We because of our babysitting arrangement we have his little friend Lily at least 3 days a week and Ethan gets so mad any time she plays with one of his toys. I know its the age, but wow its frustrating.

Snow- He hates hates hates hates the snow. It snowed here a few days ago and he hated every second of it.

Signing I Love You... swoon ;)

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