Monday, February 25, 2013

Why Having a Toddler is Amazing

So children are amazing, but there is something extra special about toddlers in my opinion.

Why, you may ask? Let me explain.

Who else in this world is so forgiving? You tell your child No for something ( maybe they are playing with something dangerous, or maybe they want a snack before dinner, it doesn't matter). Yes they hate the word no, but 30 seconds later they are over it. I'm pretty sure if I kicked my husband out of the kitchen if he wanted a pre-dinner snack he would not only stomp and pout, but would complain about it the rest of the night.

You have a unlimited supply of hugs and kisses. As if they know when you need it the most, your toddler will run up to you arms outstretched as if to say, " its ok mom, I'm here and I know my kisses make everything all better"

My toddler makes the best date. I get to pick the resturant, he is a cheap date ( since he will just eat some of whatever I'm eating anyway), and he is totally ok if our date ends with a trip to the park followed by a trip to Target.

You can laugh at the little things- When did someone covered in spaghetti sauce become funny? Or when did you making a honking sound and laughed so hard your belly hurt by someone else reaction? Exactly.

Everything is an adventure- Who knew zooming around a shopping cart through Target would be so much fun ( well it is when your making the above honking sound). Or making a fort out of a blanket would keep you occupied for hours. How about playing in the yard with a garden hose. Always an adventure

You're your child's own superhero. You do no wrong, can fix anything, and are completely and utterly unstoppable. Or at least that's what they think and we do everything we can so they don't have to think otherwise. 

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  1. Yes!!
    When I got pregnant, I had no idea what to do with a baby. That was my biggest fear. Now toddlers? OMGoodness! SO much fun.


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