Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Fashion

Better late then never, but I'm linking up for Trendy Tot Tuesday with LindsayKelly, and Megan
I had this really  nice post typed out but have not taken photos yet so instead let's talk Easter or more specifically the clothes.

I love any excuse to dress my son up in little dress shirts and ties but it can be so hard to find stuff to fit him. Last year when my sister got married it took months to find Ethan a little pinstriped suit to match Tim's, and when we finally found one it had to be altered drastically to fit him. For little ones you tend to have  pay an arm and a leg or plan on mixing with khakis and sweaters.

 So in honor of Easter here are some of the cutest outfits to dress your little man up in this Easter Sunday.

Now as much as I love little boys in suits I decided not to post those but check out Macys, they have the cutest stuff!







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  1. I can't believe I've never thought to check Macys for kids clothes since I buy mine there frequently, but now I must! LOVE those pieces, so cute!


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