Friday, March 29, 2013

Its a Beautiful Day for Surgery- Part 1

I broke this up in 3 parts that because otherwise it would have been way to long, and I know how hard it can sometimes be to actually focus on those super long post.

Friday was my surgery, so Tim and I spent Thursday night as a date night and went to dinner and saw Oz -which on a side note is a really good movie, even T liked it which is awesome since I had to beg him to go.

So after getting home at midnight we got 4.5 hours of sleep then jumped out of bed Friday morning to head to the hospital.  After getting checked they got me settled in pre-op and proceeded to use me as a pin cushion for an IV. After that it was just a waiting game until the doctor and anesthesiologist arrived and answered any of my last minute questions. 

At that point the anesthesiologist gave me some medicine to help me relax while I was being wheeled into surgery. Apparently I'm quite the comedian according to the nurses and Dr Bak ( my surgeon). " Dr Bak can you give me a pretty scar, I only want a pretty scar", " I really don't like this IV, I could show you guys how to put a better one in" ( I guess I'm a little cocky as well?) and my all time favorite that people kept telling me I was saying after surgery " Goodnight Ladies and Gentlemen, the show is over"- Talk about embarrassing!

Waking up however was much less humerous. I briefly remember feeling like I was melting and wanting to strip down to my skivvies in the post op area ( how many times can a girl accidentally embarrass herself in one day). Plus the pain was out of this world but luckily I had great nurses who stayed on top of it and eventually got it under control.

The next big issue is that being this is such a large and busy hospital they unfortunately had no rooms currently available to officially admit me to so I got to sleep on a stretcher in post op for 4 hours before I could be moved upstairs. Luckily by that point I was feeling a little more like myself and settled in quite nicely, even getting up and doing my hair and makeup ( yes I admit it, I really am that vain, but trust me home girl was a HOT MESS, so it was necessary).

At that point I was getting labs every 12 hours to make sure my calcium didn't drop. Due to how close your parathyroid and thyroid are together when they remove the thyroid it can stun your parathyroid and cause it to not work temporarily. Which in my case was a real risk due to my calcium dropping during surgery drastically and having to get IV calcium replacements during surgery.  Luckily my calcium level remained stable after surgery and I was discharged Saturday morning. 

Now I wish this was the end of this little story, but you'll have to wait until part 2, to see what happened after I was discharged.

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