Saturday, March 30, 2013

Its a Beautiful Day for Surgery- Part 3

Monday morning came, and it was as if someone had hit the replay button on my life. Only this time the numbness wasn't just in my right and left hand, it had also spread to my right foot.  I think ok, this is getting ridiculous, and called my doctors office. Luckily since it was a week day I didn't have to go through the on-call. I knew I would be able to speak to Dr. Bak. I called and explained to his receptionist what was going on. She told me she was going to put me on hold and speak to Dr. Baks nurse about what to do. Next thing I know she is back on the phone- " Can you be here by 1:30?"  Uh yeah.

I had 2 hours to hang at home with my stupid low calcium and then I would go to the doctors office and he would fix me. Right?  I figured there was no point in going to his office looking like a hot mess so I jumped in the shower and then after getting dressed started putting on a little makeup. Now for me a little makeup is at least some powder, blush and mascara. I won't leave home without it.So that's what I did. Now imagine looking in the mirror and ever time your put the powder brush on your face you saw your cheek twitch. Yeah..... Heck I even had Tim in there watching this weird new discovery of mine. Twitch, twitch, twitch. Every time, even when I tried my hardest to keep my face really still. Weird

So the boys and I get to the doctors office and get seen by Dr. Bak's resident.  Now this is the same resident who had been working with me since my surgery, so he knew me and knew my baseline. He does his exam including seeing if my face was twitching, and says he's going to go get Dr. B. Then he says something that really breaks my heart- " If I have my way your getting admitted". WHAT!!  At that point he had walked out, so I jump on my cell and tell Tim that he and Ethan need to come on back, since they had previously been waiting on me in the waiting room. 

Tim and E come in and were followed by Dr. Bak and his resident. Dr B does the same exam then sits down, looks and me and says " your not going to like what I have to say".  

I'm pretty sure my exact words were " dammit, I don't wanna be stuck here again". Unfortunately I didn't have much of a choice and Dr. B ensured me this was the safest thing for me so I could be constantly monitored and they can slowly replace my calcium so not to shock my body.  At that point I was pretty cranky and called my mom to see if Tim could drop Ethan off so he could go home and pack me a bag and bring it back to me at hospital and make sure I got settled in. 

So off Tim and E go while I sit in the waiting room of my doctors office.  Luckily I had plenty to do to kill time by updating my very sweet, but very worried family.  The problem with me being admitted directly from the doctors office is that I had to wait on a room to become available, then they had to clean the room, they I could finally go upstairs so I spent about 2 hours just waiting and by the time I got to my room it was close to shift change.

Now if my doctor was worried enough to direct admit me to the hospital, then you would have thought the nurses would have been worried enough to get things started? Right?- Wrong.

I got to my hospital room at about 5, and pretty much sat for 2 hours before I even saw the nurse. Why? because it was close to shift change. When I did see her she had come in to fuss at me for eating, because " How do I know if I was even allowed to eat?"  I informed her that I hadn't ate all day, and since she hadn't come to tell me I couldn't eat ( or anything else for that matter) then I thought it was fine.- Turns out I was right.  

Now they always say nurses make the worse patients, so I try not to fall into that stereo type, but after getting stuck about 5 times for my IV I pretty much lost my cool and kicked my nurse out. Not my finest moment but I had enough.  Another 3 sticks from the charge nurse and I finally had my labs drawn and a working IV.  Finally I could get my calcium infusion started, and not a minute too late because my right hand had since completely locked up and looked like a claw. It wasn't painful but very frustrating. 

Within a hour of receiving my first bag of calcium I could feel some of the numbness subsiding and could move my right had.  After that they connected me to a continuous calcium infusing that would go overnight.

It took 2 days of IV calcium, and every 6 hour lab draws but by Wednesday afternoon the doctors finally agreed that I was stable enough to go home. I was sent home with the same warning as last time, if I get numbness I need to call and possibly come in.

 Luckily it hasn't gotten to that point, probably thanks to the 10  million medications I have to take every day until my parathyroid starts to function again. Thankfully I have been home since Wednesday and highly doubt I will have to be readmitted. I had my stitches removed before I was discharged Wednesday and I'm thoroughly impressed with how good my scar looks. Its angry and red still but when it completely heals I don't even think anyone will notice its still there. I'm still having some numbness in my right hand, but it hasn't gotten ant worse, so for now I guess I just keep taking my meds and be thankful things aren't worse.

Most importantly I went to see my endocrinologist yesterday just to talk to her about whats next. While I was there she had very important news for me. The final pathology was back. No Cancer.  I'm relieved and feel so blessed with the news.  I'll have to be on meds for the rest of my life because I don't have a thyroid any more, but it is completely worth it to know that I won't have to worry about the what if of cancer.  

Now I can just continue on with my life helping others who were as lucky as I am.

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  1. Yay for great news! Sucks that it took several doctor appointments and ER visits to get through it all. I know you are super relieved though!


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