Sunday, March 10, 2013

Style on a Budget

So I have taken tons of photos of outfits lately, but I've been to lazy to actually do anything with them. However today I was feeling pretty good about how I looked and snapped a quick photo of me and then E's outfits for today. Courtesy of..... Old Navy of course.

Let me tell you what I've learned about one of my favorite stores of all time. They get new stock quicker then anywhere else I know. Don't believe me?  3 weeks ago I saw this exact shirt and almost bought it because it was so cute and I just HAD to have it. But I'm trying to save money - read: broke, so I passed. 3 days ago I go back and its on clearance!  I mean seriously they were just putting in on the hangers the last time I saw it so of course I decided it was fate and I bought it with a few other things ( including Ethan's shirt).

Jeans and Top- Old Navy
Tank top ( you can't see but the bottom of it)- Target
Shoes- Target

Also take note of my new do. It was very spur of the moment ( like hey honey I think I might want to cut my hair, and then 20 minutes later I'm sitting in the chair type of moment). But I love it. Its sassy and easy to style so it cuts my get ready time down significantly thus meaning I get to sleep in longer which is always a plus.

Hat and Sunglasses- Children's Place
Shirt- Old Navy
Jeans- We picked these toddler size Hurley jeans up at the Navy Exchange. Score!
Shoes- Sears 

Who knew being frugal would be so stylish?


  1. Cute! Both outfits! Your hair looks great too!

  2. so cute love both your outfits! we have the same shirt & similar fedora :) love his little jeans


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