Tuesday, April 16, 2013

If I Had a Girl- Trendy Tot Tuesday

God must have know what he was doing when he decided to give me a little boy. Why? Because I am so picky when it comes to my own clothes, can you imagine how hard it would have been for me to dress a little girl?

There are a couple of things I'm not a big fan of-
 I'm not a  fan of the " Daddy's Princess" , or the other cheesy saying type of clothes except on maybe a newborn or young infant, then I would be nice and let that rule occasionally slide. I mean Ethan had a few things that had quotes and stuff on them, but it is mostly few and far between and they tend to become his "play clothes" that I don't care if he gets dirty.  Like I said sometimes its cute, most of the time its annoying.  

Same thing for the character shirts- I can't stand this for either gender.  I mean its one thing for the kid to like the show, but its another to be a walking billboard for it. Why does your kid need Yo-Gabba-Gabba or Mickey Mouse everything? Really? No thanks.  I do have one firm exception to this-  Superhero shirts. Not the ones with 10 characters on it, but a good ole fashion Superman or Batman t-shirt are totally ok. I'm pretty sure I only feel this way because I had a boy first, had E been a girl I don't know if I would feel the same.
( yeah yeah, I know I just said no Mickey Mouse, but they're the official ears, they don't count since he doesn't actually wear them)

Also why do people- ie clothes makers feel like little girls should live in pink and purple, and if I'm lucky maybe throw a little yellow in there?  I mean they can wear green and blue,brown and orange and red too, I promise, it won't kill them. Don't get me wrong I love pink and purple, but don't plan on ever having a little girl dressed head to toe in either. Little pops of it here and there sound good to me.

I see kids all the time at work breaking all my "little girl fashion no-no's" and can't help but inwardly cringe. If I just bashed your daughters entire wardrobe, sorry... we can still be friends right?. Like I said, there is a reason I have a little boy and not a little girl.
Of course when the time comes, knowing me I'll probably break all my no-nos. Oh well.....


  1. Cute!!! I secretly want a little girl one day to dress up but I think it'll be hard because like you said there is sooo much princess pretty pink stuff out that you really have to sift and search for bold bright colors and non frilly tu-tu's!

  2. Love that outfit on Polyvore! And your little man is adorable, with and without the Mickey ears. ;o)

  3. A-the the-MEN on that quoted shirts! We have a couple, but they're mostly hand-me-downs and play shirts.

    Also, that red coat is TO DIE FOR! Love it.

    Thanks for linking up with us today!



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