Friday, April 26, 2013

Whats on My Mind and Happy Friday!

I'm sure your very curious to know whats on my mind, don't deny.... I can tell your bursting at the seams.
I started typing this all out and it pretty much turned itself into a vlog at about #3. Whatevs we're just going to go with it.

1. My last blog made me look like an a-hole. I mean Ethan isn't all that bad of a kid, its like 80/20. 20% of the time I want to disown him or send him to military school. That's not bad right? At least the other 80% he is still my sweet little wild child. However I need that 20% to go to 0. Stat.

2.Everyone keeps telling me to pick up a book on french parenting. WTF is french parenting and what makes it better then " North Carolina- I'm going to give you something to cry about parenting"? ( thats a joke people simmer down)

3. My surgery was a month ago and if I knew I would still be having complications I may have rethought the whole surgery and just gone with the biopsy instead. Check this out....

See the way I just start rambling, yeah as much as I hate to admit it that's really how I am most of the time. Oh well Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. I never got to comment on your last post but I most certainly don't think you are an *$$ hole. Being a boy mom of a 19 month old is HARD. There is no easy way around this. I have plenty of times where my son tries my patience. I'm hoping it will pass- but what is this "French parenting" that you speak of??

  2. Hahahah "North Carolina" parenting. You crack me up. Keep 'em coming!


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