Monday, May 13, 2013

20 Years From Now

I was going to post this yesterday in honor of Mothers Day, but decided that I was going to be anti-computer and just hang out with my family.  However in honor of being a mom I wrote a letter to myself, 20 years from now of all the little things I want to make sure I never forget- not just about motherhood but about this stage in my life.

Dear Older ( but equally awesome) Shannon, 

There are going to be so many ups and downs in your life as I'm sure you already know. But sometimes its easy to forget the little things so I want you to have this to remind yourself.  Let me refresh your memory- Tim's about to get out of the navy, you work 2 jobs, Aubrey is about to be a senior in highschool and Ethan has reached his terrible twos.  Your life is pure chaos and there are many nights that you panic and want to hide.  But you don't. Why?- Because you have the beautiful things in life to keep you going. 
 Ethan has his signature "booty dance" where he grabs his little butt and shakes what his mama gave him.  Tim leaves you little notes around the house that remind you why you fell in love with him ( even though sometimes you may not even like him). Aubrey comes to you for advice when you think that just maybe she has forgotten about you and reminds you that she cares. 
 Remember when Ethan started to say cheese and the goofy little face he makes. And remember the first time you saw the picture of Aubs in her prom dress and you started to cry.  Remember how Ethan is fascinated by airplanes and Mickey Mouse and you are the ultimate boo-boo kisser, bedtime story reader, and giver of the best hugs in the world or at least that's how he makes you feel.  Remember how you and Aubrey rode that crazy roller coaster at Busch Gardens and you had to act tough because you didn't want her to see how scared your were. ( keep doing that!) Remember that time that Ethan got his first kiss thanks to Lily and your heart broke just a bit. I'm sure you've felt that hundreds of times again but also remember that you have the best family in the entire world and you are so excited to see what the next 20 years bring.

Love- Younger and slightly more awesome Me

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  1. LOVE this idea!!! I want to do this now. I hope you had a Happy Mother's day!!


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