Saturday, June 29, 2013

Big Changes

If you would have asked me 6 months ago how things would be today I wouldn't have even been able to guess.  Let me fill you in with a little back story.

Tim is in the Navy as you know, and was at risk for getting "higher tenured" out of it. IE- forced early retirement without the retirement benefits.  Its one of those pesky things the Navy does to down size and the only way my sweet hubby could stay in was to pick up his next rank.  Well they only get 2 chances a year ( March and September). His get out date was August 1st, so really this year he could only take the March test. Well he took it and.... He made it!!!!  He picked up his next rank which means he gets to stay in the Navy and retire after 20 years instead of the forced early out.  

There have been a few bumps in the road, mainly PRT ( physical readiness testing- ie making sure he is physically able to stay in). But all of that seems like its working itself out. 

The next big question is now what? He is done at his current command soon and is up for overseas orders.  I would love to move overseas with my hubby but there is one big fat ugly catch to that.  Our house.  We would have as little as a month until we move overseas. And we would lose our housing allowance which goes to our mortgage. So what does that mean? Well it means that we don't have enough time to sell our house, and we'll lose money thus causing us not to be able to make our mortgage payment.  Now I work which is a huge help. But overseas it would be unlikely that I could find a job ( nursing in a foreign country? probably not happening)  So we would lose all the income I bring in, our housing allowance, and still have a mortgage. 

So the only logical solution to this is that Ethan and I stay behind in the states and Tim goes overseas by himself.  Right now it looks like that's what we're doing. And who knows maybe I can sell the house while Tims gone and then we can join him. As much as I hate it, I know this is the better option. Tim and I hate to be away from Aubs her senior year of high school, but since we don't have primary custody we don't even have the option of taking her with us. So Ethan and I can stay behind where I can work, have family support with Ethan and we can be here to see Aubs. Tim is saving up as much vacation time as possible because he knows he is going to want to come home every so often, and I'm planning on taking a 1 month LOA ( if work approves) and going to visit him. 

Now all we have to figure out is where he will be.  Right now we don't know but we're expecting to find out any day now, and from there start the next few years of our crazy life.  


  1. That's a lot!! Hope it works out for you for the better!

  2. I hope things work out and your whole family can be together sooner than later! I opted to start my own online business where I can work from home when my own work schedule kept me away from my family for long hours...missed my new baby too much! Maybe an option for you. You can run an online business from anywhere in the world, so you'd be good to go wherever your husband ends up :) All the best!


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