Friday, July 19, 2013


Its a bird, its a plane, its the new center piece for Ethan's new room. 

We are less then 2 months till my little man is 2 ( dislike!) and the hubster and I decided we wanted to do something special for Ethan, but also for us since he really isn't a baby anymore. Well my kiddo has a passion for airplanes. He could watch them for hours ( which is good since we live near a major airport as well as a naval air station.)  

Tim found this little gem ( ok maybe little isn't the right word) at the mall lately and it has been all I could do to hold him off. Totally I finally caved and went with him to look at it, and even though I hated the price tag on it I can't help but admit that I fell in love with it. So after talking the store owner down a little in price ( serious. I was not paying $200 for this thing) we bought it and ran home to put it up. Its like it was made for that wall. Perfect fit!

Another great thing is that Disney is starting to put out toys for its new movie Planes, and Ethan is already in love. So I guess we're going to be seeing that soon. In the mean time the toys make fun little additions to his room.

Other things?

Well there is this. My dad bought it for E last Christmas so it works perfectly in his room. 

Plus I have a fun little DIY ( thank you Pinterest!) that I'll be working on tonight.

Plus I found this adorable bedding on Etsy that the shop owner is going to be kind enough to do some minor customizations to.

Ethan is so far in love with his room even thought we are still waiting on things to finish it up ( like the bedding which won't be here for a few weeks.)  Its crazy how something we see every day is so amazing in the innocent eyes of a child.

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