Monday, August 12, 2013

52 Weeks- Goals for Motherhood

Trying something a little different today and linking up with Becky for her 52 weeks of Blogging with a Purpose. I always make time to read the post that she and the lovely ladies that link up post but decided today I would join in on the fun.

This weeks topic? My Goals for Motherhood

1. Be Honest- I know there will be times in my children's lives that I will tell them little white lies ( Santa anyone....) But the big stuff, the important stuff will always as long as I can help it be the truth. They may not like what I have to say, and it may cause some disagreements but at least they will know that they can always get the real answer.

2. Be a cheerleader- I look back at my own childhood and never remember a time my own mom wasn't there cheering me on whether it be softball, band, graduation, or even something as small as learning to tie my shoes. She was, and still is my cheerleader. I want to be there so my kids have the same memories I have of my own mom. Being the loudest in the stands, cheering the hardest, and the amount of pride I have written all over their face.

3. Live in the moment- I want to look back and say I didn't miss anything. I want to not just be there for my kids, but really be there. I don't want to just live with my camera in my hand taking pictures of everything they do. I want to do it with them, play with them, laugh with them, cry with them. I want to live their lives with them and make memories that last a life time.

4. I want to teach them that failure is OK- We are human, we will make mistakes, we won't always succeed and that's fine. You don't have to always finish first as long as you give it your best and had fun doing it then that is how people succeed.

5. I want to continue to grow as an individual. I don't want to be just a mom. Just like I don't want to be just Tim's wife, or just an oncology nurse. I want to remained multifaceted, complex and show my kids that they don't have to fit into just one type of mold. I want to grow more inner strength because I know that will show to the rest of the world, and nothing is more beautiful then strength.

6. I want to be firm- No I don't mean be a No" mom. But if I always cave every time there is a tear then what does that teach my children? That if you whine and cry enough you get what your want?  Life isn't that way and I won't set them up to believe it is.

7. I want to teach tolerance- No two people are the same and I not only want my child ( and future children) to accept that but to embrace it. I want them to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves. To rally behind those who are done wrong, and to love all people no matter color, religion, sex, gender, or anything else that makes us the unique individuals we all are.

8. Fight for what you want- Even if its fighting with me. A opinion is a beautiful thing and while I myself tend to be overly opinionated my children should know its OK to have a different opinion, to want different things and to fight for those things if it is important to them.

9. Let my child decide how they feel about religion- I grew up going to church, but it was always made very clear that if it was not something I felt comfortable with then it was my right to look into other spiritual paths. I was never forced into one type of religion and while I found what worked for me early, my husband and I have different views on spirituality and plan to let our children choose the path they want while still exposing them to our chosen paths.

10. Find love and learn when to fight for it and when to let it go.- Just because you love something doesn't mean its always good for you. I want to be there for my children as they get their heart broken, as they find " the one", as they realize "the one" may not be who they thought, and as they find their soul mate.

11. I want to be open- I look at my husband and his mother and I admire how openly they talk about things. It doesn't matter that the topic may be a little unusual, they feel they can have open and honest conversations with each other regarding anything.

12. Blood is not always thicker then water- Yes I want my children in my life, but should they ever have someone in their life that is a sour person, someone who does nothing but bring people down they need to know its ok to let them go. And friends? Well friends can be just as much of family as those who were born into it.

13. Have fun- If my child thinks that running through the sprinklers until they are drenched would be fun, then we are going to find out. If white water rafting sounds like the most exciting thing in the world then that's fine too. We won't just sit here letting the world pass us by when there is so much to see and explore

14. Respect- Respect has always been something that in my opinion is to be earned not freely given away. Older doesn't always mean you must respect something.  Just like I want my children to respect me, I hope they hold me to the same standard.

15. Love for country- A father in the Navy, a grandfather who was in the Army. Love for country is in our blood. We will bleed red, white and blue not just for us and those who have come before us, but also for those who come after us.

16. Love is everlasting- My love for my children will have no bounds, no limits, no restrictions and no hesitations. I will love them when they tell me they hate me, love them when they tell me I'm horrible, love them when they think I don't and when they know I do.



  1. Wow such a great post! Very inspirational and touching! I can agree on every one of these! :)

    Just followed through bloglovin! :)


  2. I love that you said teach tolerance. It is something that is often forgotten. Glad I found your blog.

  3. I got your link off of the comment on my blog, LOVE this post! You said so much I completely agree with but didn't think of myself :)

  4. Great goals! I should add some of these to my list!


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