Sunday, August 18, 2013

As Seen on TV

No not me! But the products. You know, its 3 am, you can't sleep so your flipping through the tv and find commercials for the " Coolest thing EVER!!"  Well I'm sure you've tried a few of those ( I can't be the only person right?) and some have been a waste of money while others have been amazing. 

So with that being said I have done what any good seminarian would do and have made you a list reviewing some of my favorite, and not so favorite products.

Now you might be wondering " Shannon, what would have possessed you to do this post?" Well this is why...
My feet have been killing me lately. Its probably because I live in nothing but flip flops or flats.  Anywho, I was at Bed, Bath, and Beyond picking up a few things and as I was standing in the check out line I was like Holy Canoli my feet hurt and there to my left were these handy little things. I saw the price tag and was sold because I had 3 more stores to go and it was starting to hurt to walk. *( note to self, stop wearing cute shoes....). Ran to my car ( ok hobbled... I hobbled to my car) and slipped these bad boys on and within minutes had almost no pain! I kid you not my arch pain was almost completely nonexistent. I managed my other few stores and then headed home. So the pros- they work and you can wear them without shoes it you want unlike some other brands that sit in your shoe! The con- they're gawdy looking and did not look cute with my new yellow flats. A trade off I will gladly take.

Moving on

The Lint Lizard
Tim insisted we try this and we have. Do I know if its working not 100%, but it does appear to clean out what I can see from my dry and my house hasn't caught on fire, so we're going to call it a win.

Mighty Putty

I swear by this stuff. If mighty putty can't fix it then its just not meant to be fixed. When we redid our kitchen a few years ago Tim could not get the new sink to stop leaking long enough to get a good seal with the pvc glue. We popped some might putty where the leak was and we were good to go. No leak, and you can't even see the mighty putty. That was 4 years ago. This stuff is amazing!

Now the not so amazing


Yes people, don't judge me I have in fact tried these. I have super thick hair but there was a time when I couldn't tease to save my life, so I gave these bad boys a try. They don't stay put and make you resemble Peggy Bundy, that's never a good look.

Grout Gator

Let me just burst your little bubble. If you want clean grout its going to take a regular bristle brush and some good old elbow grease. Otherwise your just wasting your time.

Gyro Bowl

What parent doesn't think that a bowl that you're kid can't spill is amazing? Well keep looking because this isn't it. Ethan makes such a huge mess with this thing, even just carrying it around the house with some dry cereal in it. Thank goodness I have 2 vacuums that follow him everywhere named Lucy and Liv ( the dogs)

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