Monday, August 19, 2013

I Will Survive

Do you guys remember when I first started this little ole blog when I was still preggo and was basically a HOT MESS!!! A emotional, freaking out all the time drama queen? Well not much has changed but I survived being a new mom so I thought I would link up with Becky and pass on some of my words of advice.

1. Remember " this too shall pass". Whether its the screaming infant, the lack of sleep, the 10th poopy diaper today its ok. Its not forever and as silly as it sounds you will miss those things ( well except for the poop, you won't miss the poop.)

2.All that "stuff" you got at your baby shower. You don't need about half of it.- My advice? return it and put it towards the practical stuff. You know diapers, formula ( if that's the route you take) or better yet save the money and put it in an account for your little bundle of joy.

3.It doesn't matter how your baby gets fed as long as you are feeding them- Great you are breast feeding congrats to you!! Or wait, you formula feed? That's just as awesome! Your providing nutrition for your munchkin, that's what matters in the long run. Yes I have my own personal preference, but that doesn't mean you have to listen to it.

4. Those people who give you advice about everything and anything?- Tell them to stop. Now upfront. If not they will never ever stop and you'll be stuck listening to it. ( unless you constantly want to hear your Aunt Wanda tell you that your "doing it wrong".)

5.Take time for you- Even if its a 10 minute hot shower, or 5 minutes to put some makeup on you will not regret having a few minutes of "me" time. In fact I personally believe you can become resentful if you don't.

6. It takes a village- No really it does. Somebody very smart realized that a long time ago and it has been preached ever since. Ask for help. Your human, we all need it.

7.  Follow your gut- Is something wrong with your child? You will know. Don't be pushed around by people who "know". Nobody and I mean nobody knows your child better then you do.

8. Please for the love of grilled cheese dress your child appropriately.- And by that I don't mean fashionably. I mean if there is snow on the ground don't think your child doesn't need socks on just because you have a blanket over them. Are you wearing a sweater, jacket, beanie, and gloves? Well maybe your child needs something thicker the a onsie. Or are you in a sun dress and sandals? Then don't put your kid in 3 layers and a blanket, and a hat. Trust me!

9. Get out of the house- Its good for you, its good for them. Having a change of scenery makes even the worse days a little bit better.

10.Enjoy the small things- It all passes way to quickly so stop worrying about being a paparazzi, and be in the moment with your child because trust me you'll never regret it.

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