Sunday, August 11, 2013

Isn't That Pinteresting-Baseball Wreath

Baseball is as American as apple pie. Its the all time great American pass time. And in this house it is celebrated like Christmas, meaning from preseason games until the World Series we eat, sleep, and live baseball.  
We were at a used sporting good store yesterday to get the supplies I needed for this little project and Ethan kept running to the baseballs screaming "ball, ball, you out!" That's right I have a future baseball player in my house.

I saw this fun little project  ( or this one if you prefer)on pinterest months ago but haven't had the time to set down and actually do it. Well I made time this weekend and it came out great! There were a few little bumps but overall it was a relatively easy project that took about an hour to make. 

1. Gather supplies. We went to the used sporting good stores nearby and I bought 12 baseballs. Yeah I could have gone to Target, Dicks, or Sports Authority but I wanted used balls and this is definitely the place to find them by the hundreds. 

We also ran to Michael's to pick up some ribbon and then Home Depot to pick up some wire.** If you want to try this then please make sure you get a thick wire that isn't flimsy, otherwise your circular wreath will look like a oval and you have to fiddle with it a ton like I did. Lesson learned. 

2. Next I pulled out tips drill and some drill bits and started drilling through each ball. The bits just barely make it all the way through so you may have to go to the other side and continue drilling to make sure you get it all. Also make sure you drill the same hole a few times to remove any debris from the center of the ball otherwise you can't get the wire through.

 I actually used 2 different drill bits. One to make the initial hole and then another to make it larger. It was easier to do it in 2 steps verses going right for one huge hole.

 3. Weave the wire through. This is where I hit a snag. How to get the wire together but not look all bulky and what not. Luckily Tim had some handy wire connector thing ( yeah I don't know what its called. Its in the section with the wire and you "crimp" both sides in the wire together. I promise when I remember what its called I'll tell you so you can find one if you want to make it too.

After that I just added a little ribbon and hung it on the door

Tada! ( note the slight oval shape. Yeah I should have used less flimsy wire. Oh well nobody is perfect)

So now I'm giving you a chance to participate. Check out my DIY Pinterest page and let me know which DIY project you would like to see next and then check back to see if it makes the blog!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I love this baseball wreath! Great idea!!!


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