Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mid Week Randoms

Hey Everyone! Linking up today with Megan for the Midweek Randoms. Why because despite me having a nice "real" post for today I never had a chance to finish it, so you're stuck with this instead. Sorry!

- My birthday is Saturday. How am I spending it? Alone. Why? Because Tim and Ethan are going to be in KY visiting Aubs and some other family before Tim goes overseas. I didn't have the heart to be cranky about it.

- To be honest I'm actually looking forward to Saturday. I can finally go to the beach all day, sip a beer and read a book until I feel like leaving, not when my child turns evil and makes me leave. Happy Birthday to Me!

- Is there an electronics anonymous I can get my kid in? Home boy is addicted to my cell phone and Kindle. Even when I try to hide them he's like a freaking bassett hound and sniffs them out. He needs help, and I need to be more firm.

- Remember how I occasionally talk about how I have a second job. Well its an as needed job and I pretty much feel like I wasted my time with 6 months of paper work because I'm never needed. Epic Fail.

- I started watching the Big Bang Theory for the first time tonight. Where has this ridiculously funny show been all my life!

- I have a whole list of things I want to do that I've found on Pinterest. The only thing missing? The funds to do it. Go figure.

- I love how I have 2 friends who are trying to potty train their kiddos right now. I just want to know what their child is going to do at 2 am when they need to pee and realize that Mommy and Daddy didn't think it through very much when they decided to leave them in a crib.

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