Sunday, August 18, 2013

Style On a Budget

So its been a while, but I actually have not 1, but 2 style on a budgets to roll into one fabulous post. The weather around here has been all over the place but for the most part its getting on the cooler side of summer. You know, no shorts but sandal weather.

Top- Forever 21 Plus,  Jeans-Old Navy, Shoes- Shoe Dazzle 
My Favorite part of my shirt? The little button details on each shoulder

I found these on Shoe Dazzle years ago and fell in love with them. They are my go to comfy sandals

Today's look. Yesterday was my birthday and I decided to use some of my birthday money ( thanks mom!!) to add a few new pieces to my closet. Well I lucked out and found not 1 thing I love, but 3. The jeans, the shoes and the necklace all on sale ( Old Navy). Actually now that I think about it, the shirt is from old navy too. Maybe I shop there too often eh?

I love how much fun it was to add a simple pop of color to an otherwise boring outfit.

Moral of today's story? Old navy rocks!

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