Saturday, September 7, 2013

2 Years Ago

Today my amazing son turns two.

Over the last 2 years we have watched him transform from this helpless little person into this amazing, loud, self reliant toddler who can light up a room with his silly personality.

It amazes me just how fast the last 2 years have gone by. 

**I went back and edited this today after Ethan's 2 year check up with a few more details**

30lbs exactly. 

35.6 Inches. Almost 3 feet but not quite.

Clothing Size:
Just about 2T in everything except some of his PJ's we've gone up to a 3T so he can wear them all winter long.

Size 5. We we're using generic brands for a while ( Babys R Us, Target, NEX, etc) but his little hiney has gotten sensitive so back to good old huggies again.

He is doing better then before and is starting to eat things he had previously sworn off. The catch is he won't eat anything he "doesn't like" if he knows your looking. So we have to pretend to not pay attention when he is eating the healthy stuff, otherwise he stops

Hair, Teeth, and Eyes
All of them are in, and his 2 year molars are trying their best to make their appearance soon.

 Reddish blonde hair. When he is outside with natural light its definitely more red.

Down to 1 nap a day, for normally 2 hours at least. I have become a bedtime nazi lately and have been trying to stick to a super strict routine. I want to switch him back to the toddler bed after Tim leaves, so I know I have to be a stickler about his routine so hopefully things will go smoothly.

We're almost up to 25 words! I didn't think his speech would ever pick up but luckily in the last month or so he has become really verbal, even started to say Mommy again after a almost year long refusal.  Woop woop!  Also he is still signing which is bitter sweet, because if he knows the sign for a word then he won't try to say the actual word, so things like please and thank you we only get in sign language.


The Park- All day long its "Shilide, shilde ( slide)" So we spend most afternoons at the park.

Airplanes- Still completely obsessed. We even redid his room in an airplane theme ( which I need to get off my butt about and create a post for!)

No- His all time favorite word. "NOOOOO". I guess that's what I get for wanting him to finally start talking huh?

Baths- He has started to develop this strange fear of bath time and will stand and scream for about the first half of it until I convince him that there isn't anything bad that's going to happen. Needless to say bath time sucks.

Holding my hand- I don't know what has gotten into him lately but every time we walk through a parking lot it ends with him kicking and screaming because I make him hold my hand. Oh well its a necessary evil I suppose.

Talking!! I am so happy that he is starting to be more verbal. I have spent months wondering what his voice would sound like and now I get to hear him talk to me every day.


  1. Happy Birthday Ethan- hope you get well soon Shannon!

  2. So adorable! Happy birthday to your little boy!


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