Friday, September 13, 2013

A Year of Products

( Originally written in September 2012)

In a child's first year of life you go through more random products then I personally thing you do at any other point in your life. There are bumbos and boppys, and snuzas and to anyone who doesn't have a child they aren't going to have a clue what your talking about.  But to the mom these things can be a life saver.  

Then again there are the products that you never actually use and just sit there looking pretty. So I thought I would lend a hand, because I'm so nice like that, and tell you my favorite and least favorite baby products for the first year. From birth to birthday and everything in between.
1.Boppy- Oh Boppy, you seemed like you would have been a great product expect my little boy decided you would never get used and I was far to chunky to actually appreciate you.  That's right. I'm plus size which made me feel like I was trying to wrap a toddler size life ring around me to try and nurse. As if nursing wasn't hard enough, then I was trying to properly use that pillow. Epic fail. Its not really Boppys fault, but we just weren't mean to be. ( on a side note, it makes for a great pillow when your tired and your little guy insist on crawling all over you like a jungle gym)
2. Wipe warmers- I hated this thing every time I used it and it only got used a hand full of times because of it. Its just more trouble then its worth.

3. The bath thermometer- We had 2 of these, because I was just positive the first one was broken. It was simple would change colors if the water was too warm. The problem? The thing always changed colors. ALWAYS!! Waste of money.

4. Fancy crib bedding- You put the crib together and put on the crib bedding, but the fact of the matter is you never use any of it except for the crib sheet. Why? Well the cute quilt you received with it you can wrap your child in. Its bulky and could lead to suffocation. Plus by the time you can use the quilt, you already have your eye on new bedding, so its really a waste. The bumpers? Well that's another suffocation risk.  Don't get me wrong, I think the fancy bedding can be absolutely adorable. But that's all its there for, to look pretty. Not practical.

1. Bumbo- Everyone knows you were recalled which I personally find silly because I think it had to do more with parents not properly watching there kiddos when using you, but regardless I loved you!  E had good head control so early and because of that wasn't a laid back baby. He was ( and is) a nosy little guy that likes to be able to look around. With the bumbo we could sit him in it as early as 3 months old and he would be completely content. I could cook, clean, etc without having to worry with a screaming little one who wanted to know what I was doing. Plus the size was perfect. It wasn't until Ethan was about 11 months that he couldn't sit in it ( he's kind of a shrimp) which helped when we had friends with babies come to dinner, because Ethan could sit in the bumbo and attached tray while the other babies could use his high chair.
2. Swaddle Me- My husband never could properly swaddle Ethan, ( so all of those nice swaddling blankets were a waste) but the swaddle me is full proof and worked so well and keeping E snug as a bug, even by the most novice of users. Plus they are cheaper then many of their competitors 
3. Baby Bullet ( or other baby food processer)- We saved SO much money with this thing. You can go to the store, by a bushel of bananas and get numerous servings per banana. Multiply that by adding other fruits and veggies and you instantly have a stock pile that means you only have to make new food maybe once a month!

So there you go, not a ton of products but my top faves and not so faves from Ethan's first year of life.

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